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When does Season 11 start in League of Legends?

When does Season 11 start in League of Legends?

The Preseason just started in League of Legends but when is Season 11 coming? Here is everything we know about the next ranked season.

When does Season 11 start in League of Legends?

Although the preseason just started in League of Legends, some players already look forward to the next ranked season. Before that however, Riot Games has a few patches planned as you can see on the game's launcher.

When does Season 11 start in League of Legends?

Players will have to wait until January 8 to take on the ranked season again. This year, Riot Games confirmed the date themselves as they released an illustration in the game client with important dates.

League of Legends Season 11 date - League of Legends
League of Legends Season 11 date

What will happen on November 23 and December 11 is still a mystery but one can expect events or major patches.

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