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New Monster Hunter: Rise videos show Goss Harag hunt and more

New Monster Hunter: Rise videos show Goss Harag hunt and more

The official YouTube channel has released three videos featuring a new boss fight, tips for beginners and more information about "The Rampage".

New Monster Hunter: Rise videos show Goss Harag hunt and more

Releasing on March 26th exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter: Rise is the newest entry in Capcom's beloved hunting franchise. A digital event took place a few hours ago, with the team releasing videos exploring new mechanics and a new creature.

The first shows the general quest structure, with tips and recommendations for newcomers. Select your quests based on difficulty, check your items and visit the canteen for important buffs. Then go on your hunt and defeat the enemy. Don't forget to carve your prey after defeating it!

The next gives an overview of "The Rampage", Rise's new type of quest. Here you will fight against hordes of regular monsters, but all at the same time. You can use unique equipment and ask for NPCs' help.

Last but not least, Goss Harag is making its debut in this new title. Here's a showcase of the abilities it can use, and what strategies are suggested to the player.

Monster Hunter Rise Switch Demo starts tonight

You'll be able to try the Monster Hunter Rise demo starting tonight. Here's how.

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