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League of Legends 11.8 Patch Preview shows changes to the Jungle pool

League of Legends 11.8 Patch Preview shows changes to the Jungle pool

We're a week away from Patch 11.8, but we've been given the direction Riot is headed.

League of Legends 11.8 Patch Preview shows changes to the Jungle pool

The main feature of the next League of Legends patch is Jungle changes, focused at allowing more champions into the role. Riot also tried to do this last year, with the likes of Zed, Darius, and Brand in 10.4.

As ever, the changes on PBE may not make it live, or the numbers may yet change.


Darius is getting changes to his Passive (Hemorrhage), with it gaining bonus damage against Jungle Monsters. Originally the damage had been increased to 175% to 500%, but it has recently been tuned back to 400%.

This could be in response to videos of Darius being able to solo Dragon at Level 1 without using Smite.


Diana had previously been a reliable Jungler, these buffs together with her rework may bring her back into the fold. Previously she had to wait until her Ultimate for a gap closer, now she has it on a basic ability. With her (P) Moonsilver Blade now doing double the amount of damage to Monsters, her clear speeds have just got quicker!


Morgana's (W) Tormented Shadow is having the damage against Monsters increased - originally from 150% to 300%, but that has been reduced to 250%.

Having an Area of Effect spell which has high damage, as well as heals Morgana due to her (P) Soul Siphon, means her clears will be strong and healthy; don't forget her W Cooldown is reduced every time she is healed by her Passive too.

League of Legends


Mordekaiser is having a change to the Monster damage cap on his (P) Darkness Rise. Previously it was capped at 28-164 damage per second, based on Mordekaiser's level. Now, the cap is being increased to a flat 180 damage per second at all levels; significantly increasing his early game damage and clear.


Zed has had a few changes. First off, he was initially given an increase to damage Monsters, from 200% to 500%, and the cap increased to 500/650/800, on his (P) Contempt for the Weak.

Since then, the bonus damage has been removed and the cap has been changed to a flat 300 at all levels. However, Contempt for the Weak will now only have a cooldown against enemy champions. This means no cooldowns on it against Jungle Monsters, increasing his clear speed as it is easier to finish them off.

I do also worry that this may have knock on effects, as it will no longer have cooldowns against Minions which will affect Zed's lane farming and last hitting. Will this increase his lane presence?

League of Legends

While Riot Scruffy has given a preview to the patch as a whole, we don't have any specific numbers or targets beyond the champion names and whether it is a buff of nerf.

Keep an eye open for when the changes are announced before hitting live next week!

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