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LoL Sentinels of Light skins live in Valorant

LoL Sentinels of Light skins live in Valorant

The Sentinels of Light event is coming to an end in Valorant, and it'll leave us with a new collection of skins that will be based on different League of Legends champions

LoL Sentinels of Light skins live in Valorant

The latest weapons skin bundle is now available in the Valorant shop. The League of Legends-themed bundle is part of the Sentinels of Light event and includes skins for Sheriff, Ares, Vandal, Operator and melee slot. 

The previous bundle, which was based on Ruination, had skins for Phantom, Guardian, Spectre, Ghost, and melee slot.

Characters Honored in the Sentinels of Light Pack

Each of the aspects subtly represents some of the MOBA characters who were prominent in the event. According to Riot Games employees, "the collaboration between the designers of both games has been much closer than it seems ."

Riot Games developers went through the HitScan YouTube channel

In the case of the Sentinels of Light package, the references are very subtle. In most cases, there are details in the audio of the weapons that can go unnoticed by players.

  • Sheriff: Graves
  • Ares: Pyke
  • Vandal: Lucian and Senna
  • Operator: Akshan
  • Melee: Riven


Riot explains the reasons for the subtelty - League of Legends
Riot explains the reasons for the subtelty

The Sentinels of Light bundle will be available for purchase in the store for 21 days for 8,700 VP, which is roughly $83.

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