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LoL: Tricks and trips to play against Akshan

LoL: Tricks and trips to play against Akshan

Akshan is going to be a tough opponent in ranked matches, so here's some tips and tricks on how to take on this new League of Legends champion.

LoL: Tricks and trips to play against Akshan

The release of a new champion in League of Legends can ocassionally cause a headache or two, and of course Akshan will be no exception. Sooner or later you'll be facing him on the enemy team.

How to Beat Akshan

Riot Games has introduced a number of unique mechanics, but Akshan's abilities do have their disadvantages. 

  • The active of the W-Rebel that makes him invisible, has a high detection rate and is disabled when Akshan is away from the walls. The Rift Scuttler will help you spot him. Be mindful of ganks starting from your own jungle, especially coming from the blue buff.
The detection rate of this ability is immense - League of Legends
The detection rate of this ability is immense
  • The passive Mark of the Scoundrel gives Akshan the ability to resurrect allies, but keep in mind that it only activates once per fight. So be careful during team fights if Akshan is still standing, since he could potentially turn things around. You can avoid this with a timely recall. 
  • E-Heroic Hook is interrupted when colliding with an opponent, meaning he can't make a quick exit.
Akshan's ultimate can be interrupted - League of Legends
Akshan's ultimate can be interrupted
  • R-Deserved is cast when marking a champion and after channeling, but projectiles can be interrupted. 
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