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LoL S9: Riot PLS, Teamfight Tactics, TFT, Nexus Blitz, Death Recap, client

LoL S9: Riot PLS, Teamfight Tactics, TFT, Nexus Blitz, Death Recap, client

In the latest "Riot PLS" video, the chief producer New001 takes stock of the past year and unveils the latest news to come on League of Legends for the end of the year. We should soon see a new launcher, the release of Teamfight Tactics and an event for the 10 years of the game.

Summer is approaching, and with it, the League of Legends mid-season. The perfect opportunity for Riot Games to review the game over the past few months but also to reveal what the team has in store for us for the end of the year. On the program, the new Teamfight Tactics mode, a new faster client, a new death recap, news from Clash and a special event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our favorite MOBA!

It's time for a review

Regarding the Champions, Riot Games is proud to have unleashed Sylas and released Yuumi and Neeko into the Rift. Not to mention the redesign of Kayle and Morgana. In the area of Skins, full cardboard with the group K/DA which becomes one of the most popular families of the game, thanks to the worldwide success of the associated clip.

What about the game in all this?

Riot Games is pleased with the changes made over the past 18 months: "Most of the changes [...] have created parts that are more stable yet more varied." There is a better balance between individual actions and teamwork, games are more fun in Normal mode and more exciting for professionals. ADCs have regained a real place of choice, but diversity is also more present on the bot lane. Finally, the strengthening of the laning phase, redesigned to facilitate reversals, has paid off. As a result, changes will be less frequent this season.

Let's now move on to what we're really interested in, what's new for the rest of the year!

Client update

Riot Games acknowledges it, the launcher is no longer up to the task and the team did not react in time. This error will be fixed this year with the arrival of a new improved version, a chromium version.

League of Legends
League of Legends

The performance of the launcher will be improved overall. The patch operation will also be upgraded, making updates much faster and more reliable. For comparison, when the old patch took 8 minutes to update LoL, the new patch will take less than 40 seconds.

Other new features to come will be the ability to stay connected, two-factor identification (promised for a very, very long time) and sleep mode in the background.

Teamfight Tactics

As we have known for some time, the mode is currently being tested on the PBE, Teamfight Tactics will be the next permanent League of Legends game mode and a ranked system will be implemented as soon as the mode is stable.

To find out everything, go directly to our dedicated portal.

League of Legends

Death Recap

No one likes to die. And not knowing how can be the most frustrating thing ever. Death Recap will FINALLY be updated for greater clarity. It had hardly changed since the game was launched 10 years ago.

League of Legends

"The reason is very simple: we wanted the recapture to be accurate, informative and easy to understand, so that you can adapt to your enemies more easily."

The new recap will arrive on the PBE during the next patch and will be released during cycle 9.14.


Clash or the cursed game mode. The biggest concern of the mode is that the client must launch a significant number of games at the same time. Aware of the difficulty, the team is working on it and new regional tests should soon take place. One thing is sure, Riot Games will never give up and intends to deliver this long-awaited mode to us one day.

Happy Birthday LoL

Yes. It's been 10 years since League of Legends was launched, in October to be precise. Riot Games announces it, a big event is planned to celebrate the occasion with dignity.

Feeling old? - League of Legends
Feeling old?

"This 10th anniversary is a true celebration of our combined efforts over the past ten years. On this occasion, we have planned some fun events, as well as a ton of things to announce about the future of LoL."

See you in October to get to the bottom of it!

Millenium Rédaction

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