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LoL: Frighteningly, Vex is already securing pentakills

LoL: Frighteningly, Vex is already securing pentakills

Let's face it, seeing how Vex can take out an entire rival team in seconds with a single rotation of skills is pretty scary.

LoL: Frighteningly, Vex is already securing pentakills

New champion Vex is now available for use in League of Legends, following a two-week testing period on the PBE. The release brings to a close the Ruined King narrative that's been prevalent througout 2021, and also brings a novel new role to League -- the anti-mobility mage.

We know what Vex is capable of, given we've known her abilities for a while now, but we didn't quite expect this...

The play above from Redditor Kafgumin is actually quite simple to digest. Vex has long-range poking tools, as we can see from her first casualty.

She starts out strong, using her R - Shadow Surge, cleaning up a low-health Viego. The kill refreshes its cooldown, allowing her to reuse it on the bulk of the remaining enemy.

In addition to being a poke tool, it can be reactivated after hitting an opponent to teleport Vex to the enemy's position. This sets up the use of Q - Mistral Bolt, W - Personal Space and E - Looming Darkness for tons of area damage. 

All that's left is to clean up and secure the penta. 

Kafgumin's move on Reddit.

With several other videos popping up on social media showing off Vex's strength, such as this one from former Excel player Vicksy, it looks like we're in for a torrid time until Riot issues some balance changes.

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