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Thavnair, FFXIV's new PVE map revealed during Media Tour

Thavnair, FFXIV's new PVE map revealed during Media Tour

Final Fantasy XIV will be even more colorful with the new area of Thavnair, revealed during the Media Tour and here is a taste of this new zone.

All credits goes to MTQCapture (Thumbnail & Video)

The Final Fantasy XIV Media Tour has begun and content creators have started releasing their videos and articles about what's new in Endwalker.

Among the news shown during this Media Tour included visits of the new zones, including a visit of one of the new PVE zones: Thavnair.

This new, very colorful area was revealed in more details on the MTQCapture youtube channel.

Visit Thavnair, the new FFXIV PVE area planned for Endwalker

Thavnair revealed for FFXIV Endwalker

Final Fantasy XIV is known for a detailed level design and geographically rich areas. However some might say that the inspiration of the areas or the color palettes could be similar from one extension to another.

That statement being true or not, one of the next zones to be released with Endwalker should bring a lot of freshness, at least in terms of colors, the weather on the other hand is likely to be rather hot.

In fact, Thavnair is a very colorful area, both in terms of colors and its geography. The area is a breath of fresh air for the MMO acclaimed by the community.

One can easily feel the very strong inspiration of the Indian culture of this new area. The architecture, the statues or even the next beast tribe that will be present in the area really makes it feel like visiting a whole new dimension in FFXIV.

This visit offered by MTQCapture allowed us to see many important elements and we let you discover with the video above and not spoil anything.

What is your favorite element in this new area? Please feel free to post your opinion in the comment section below and share your hype for Endwalker!

What to expect from Endwalker in FFXIV?

Many changes are to be expected with Endwalker, both with the classes and the already existing features. The new eight-player raid tier "Pandemonium" will also be introduced with the expansion.

While waiting for the release of this major game update which will introduce the new Reaper and Sage classes, you can take advantage of our many guides on the content already available here.

Our portal will also be updated as soon as possible with the latest information on Endwalker ahead of its release and plenty of content starting November 19th.

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