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New enemies and quests are coming to New World

New enemies and quests are coming to New World

With the advent of the new PTR server for New World, Amazon Games have announced some of the things they're testing with the aim of taking them live. Among them are new enemies and new quests.

As well as the introduction of the Void Gauntlet and reworked Trading Post on the new PTR realm for New World, adventurers in Aeternum will soon also benefit from new quests and an expanded bestiary.

Here are the changes Amazon have detailed in their official blog post.

A host of new quests coming to New World

Whether PvE or PvP quests, New World will soon get a bunch more missions for players to sink their teeth into. 

Abigail Rose can be found in Western Everfall, and offers a quest that concerns the arrival of the Varangians.

Meanwhile, a new Legendary Weapon Quest line is coming with the Void Gauntlet, and will require Level 60 and maximum skill level on the weapon. You'll also need to have completed the Magaki's Strategem quest in Shattered Mountain and Legatus Fulvius' questline in Reekwater to qualify. 

Then, Speaking to Antiquarian Abbington in Reekwater after meeting those conditions will send on this questline.

Three new PvP Faction Mission types have also been added, that seek to diversify the gameplay and experience on offer. These are:

  • Control Points - These missions task you with taking control of Forts.
  • Intercept - These missions have you defeating enemy faction members.
  • War Camp Loot - These missions ask you to find the hidden plans in the enemy war camp.

Amazon also revealed that almost all PvP missions now reset on death, rather than being forfeited. Poach missions have also been removed. 

An improving lore and a growing bestiary

Another change that Amazon have made concersn the main storyline quests, which have been enhanced with new task types and quest variants. These include including wave events, destructible objects, and proximity nodes for tracking.

The New World bestiary will also benefit with several new enemies added to the PTR for testing. These include:

  • Withered Swarmancer
  • Beetle
  • Lost Shaman
  • Pirate Alligator
  • Ancient Guardian Skeleton Mage
  • enhanced Corrupted Laborers

Should you want to offer feedback on any of these new features, follow the links below or access the feedback menu in-game.

  • Feedback on new mobs
  • Feedback on new PvE quests
  • Feedback on new Legendary Weapon Quests
  • Feedback on New World lore
  • Feedback on new PvP quests

As with anything on PTR realms, no dates have been conferred for when these changes move from testing onto the live servers, so stay tuned.

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