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Massive wave of bans following Hololive Pekora's FFXIV Stream

Massive wave of bans following Hololive Pekora's FFXIV Stream

Even with Endwalker only a few days away some players are still getting banned from Final Fantasy XIV after a Vtuber from Hololive Pekora streamed the game on Youtube.

Massive wave of bans following Hololive Pekora's FFXIV Stream

Asmongold's stream must not have been that good of an example after what happened a few days ago when Pekora from Hololive first streamed Final Fantasy XIV.

Pekora is one of the most famous Vtuber there is on the planet with around 1.8 million subscribers on Youtube. With Endwalker just around the corner, Hololive's management gave streamers permission to start streaming FFXIV, bringing a massive amount of new players on the Japanese servers where Pekora started her adventure.

New players are not the problem here, however. You might have heard or even seen how bad were Asmongold's first streams on the game because of players' harassment. In fact, some players clearly dedicated some of their time and even risked being banned just for a few seconds on the screen.

Asmongold's streams even forced Square Enix to take action and change the rules of their game to make sure players wouldn't be harassed in such ways again.

As you can see in the following footage, even Pekora says in Japanese that she can't find her character..

Pekora first stream in FFXIV

It is well known that Asmongold's streams were followed by bans of a more or less long period of time for the stalker that disturbed his experience and just the same happened with Pekora.

Just a few days after the stream the Japanese forums were sparkled with posts of accounts being permanently or not terminated for what they did with the Japanese streamer.

It looks like Pekora was well aware of the situation and even expected the same results tho as she clearly explained she heard of Asmongold's situation and warned the viewers they could get banned.

These bans might have changed the way people think know though as Irys, a very popular new Vsinger & streamer from HololiveEN had a very different welcome from the comunity.

This is the way people should welcome new streamers as it is way cuter, and fun for the streamer and chat I think!

Irys FFXIV Stream

You can find both channels directly here:

  • Pekochan from Hololive: link
  • Irys from HololiveEN: link

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