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LoL: A visual update for one of the oldest champions in the game

LoL: A visual update for one of the oldest champions in the game

Riot Games continues to revamp old champions and has prepared updated visuals for Twisted Fate's abilities. Find out what all of his changes are and how they will affect each of the skins.

LoL: A visual update for one of the oldest champions in the game

Upgrading past League of Legends champions remains one of Riot Games' top priorities. While the developer is about to make some big gameplay changes, they haven't lost sight of the visual updates and in the next patch we'll be treated to another ration of changes. One of the chosen champions is Twisted Fate. The Card Master will get a general modernization of his spell effects, which will be overhauled in both his default appearance and most of his skins.

A visual overhaul of Twisted Fate's abilities

It should be noted that these types of updates do not affect the champion model or gameplay . They only modify the visual effects (VFX) of skills. In doing so, Riot Games hopes to modernize the champion a bit and bring it up to current quality standards. However, these operations are not only intended for aesthetic reasons. Riot Games often chooses champions that fall below clarity standards in order to fix bugs and make new effects easier to identify.

In the case of Twisted Fate, here are all the changes the champion will undergo:

  • Basic Attacks : Projectiles will now always be light blue to easily differentiate them from secondary effect cards.
  • Q: The cards will have a different look to adapt to the new W models. The trajectory will be more clearly marked and will leave a small trace behind.
  • W: The models of all cards and the effects when they hit have been changed. The blue card's explosion is a little flashier, the red one more clearly marks its area of effect, and the yellow one roots the enemy to the ground.
  • E: The passive indicator has been adapted to the current basic attack model.
  • R: The first activation will be displayed more prominently on opponents and has a new look. The second activation has also been changed to be more obvious and look different.
Summary of Visual Changes to Twisted Fate Abilities - League of Legends
Summary of Visual Changes to Twisted Fate Abilities

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