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LoL: Are Lucian and Ahri really OP in the pros?

LoL: Are Lucian and Ahri really OP in the pros?

The MSI is over and if some will especially remember the victory of the Chinese in RNG, graphics card eaters and stats lovers will also notice that two champions finished the tournament with 100% attendance. Are Ahri and Lucian that strong in League of Legends?

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In Europe, the MSI struggled to enthrall the crowds. The reasons are multiple, but we can assume that European fans have had an overdose of League of Legends, chaining just after the EUM knowing that the LFL resumes more this week... Apart from the final, many do not have not carefully followed this rather long and repetitive competition.

But those who have followed everything will surely have noticed that two champions were omnipresent during this MSI. Lucian and Ahri thus finished the tournament with an attendance rate of 100% . At every major international tournament, there are always a few hotly contested picks that are given extreme priority during the draft phases. But was it really deserved?

Ahri, a champion overwhelmed by the metagame?

47 bans (7 Blue Side/40 Red Side)
30 picks (20 Blue Sides/10 Red Sides)

League of Legends

We had already had the opportunity to see the power of the champion during the European Masters and a player like Eika (LDLC OL) had been able to admire the complete kit of the vixen. Historically, Ahri is an assassin, but she's become much more utilitarian now that she builds with Eternal Freeze. In addition, his reset mechanic allows him to be much more mobile while greatly increasing his power and usefulness during teamfights.

However, the players had time to adapt and find an answer to Ahri. She ends the MSI with a neutral winrate of 50% (15 wins for 15 losses). The latter is even "bad", if we compare it to the high priority given to the character. Ahri is too predictable a champion and little by little negative matchups have clearly appeared. In Europe, Veigar have often been seen causing problems for the female vixen. At MSI, we saw in the final that a Lissandra was capable of completely neutralizing the mobility of the champion. More generally, the midlaners also did not hesitate to play LeBlanc in a skillful but balanced match. We would therefore tend to consider Ahri as a slightly overpriced pick.

Lucian, gentleman 100% at MSI

74 bans (11 Blue Side/63 Red Side)
3 picks (1 Blue Side/2 Red Side)

League of Legends

The case of Lucian is a little different since if his omnipresence was indisputable during the drafts, we didn't see him much during the tournament... He was banned 74 times and the shooter was authorized to tread the Rift for only 3 short games . The champ was scary so teams didn't want to have to deal with him, especially when they didn't have the first pick. It must be said that Lucian is known for his ability to dominate his lane, but he is also very flexible . According to the compositions and the desires, we can see it in botlane, in midlane and even in toplane!

Looking at his game history, Lucian has lived up to his reputation by winning all of his encounters.

  • Shogun (Saigon Buffalo) achieved a 9/3/6
  • Gumayusi (T1) achieved a 10/6/1
  • Yutapon (DFM) achieved a 6/0/5
  • We could also add GALA who scored a nice pentakill with RNG, but the game was canceled and replayed.

    Lucian is scary and coupled with a good support (Braum, Nami, Karma...) he can quickly become a real nightmare for his opponents. If we found Ahri a little overrated, the shooter is respected at his fair value .

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