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Diablo Immortal: $100,000 to get a maxed character via the store?

Diablo Immortal: $100,000 to get a maxed character via the store?

Since this weekend, Diablo Immortal has suffered an avalanche of very critical opinions. While the monetization of the game is singled out, a YouTuber claims that it would take around $110,000 to afford a character at maximum capacity and with the best possible equipment.

Diablo Immortal is in the midst of a media storm. The launch of Blizzard's mobile game seemed to have gone off without a hitch, but within a week, the most attentive gamers and commentators were carefully tweaking the game's economic mysteries. And it's not (but then not at all) to his advantage.

Last Thursday, the YouTube channel Bellular News published an edifying video, in which is calculated the amount required to afford a "maxed" character in Diablo Immortal, through the shop. Fasten your seat belts, because you would have to pay no less than 110,000 dollars to obtain such a character .

The mobile economy, a world apart

Considered in isolation from any context, this figure of 100,000 dollars to buy the character of his dreams seems simply absurd. Whether in physical or dematerialized version, no game should cost such a sum. And that is why it is necessary to "relativize" this colossal amount.

In the world of mobile gaming, maxing an account with real money is something no one really does. In 2018, the price of a Clash Royale account maxed out through store offers was estimated at $33,000 . But with the cards released in the game for 4 years, and the introduction of new legendary super rare Heroes, this price has undoubtedly increased a lot. And we could have fun doing this type of calculation on just about every big gatcha game on mobile.

Diablo Immortal PvP Arena

The mobile version of Diablo has a PvP event called Proving Grounds in which teams of 4 must compete in order to open a chest containing a legendary object. Here is the presentation of this game mode, its position and how it works in order to help you obtain its rewards.

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