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LoL: Nilah, the new champion, made official on video!

LoL: Nilah, the new champion, made official on video!

After leaks and the first official teaser, Riot Games has therefore confirmed the arrival of the 161 League of Legends champion. Check out Nilah, Joy Incarnate, which will be played as ADC and is expected to arrive in Summoner's Rift with patch 12.12.

After a brief period of speculation and leaks, Nilah has been officially unveiled as the new League of Legends Champion. Riot Games has released the first teaser video for a campaign that will end with the character's release on live servers. Complete trailer in which we can see all the skills and mechanics of a heroine who promises to revolutionize the bot lane , since she is designed to be the first ADC with a very short range.

A new champion who promises to change the bot lane

Nilah's skill set doesn't even look like the leaks revealed. If Riot Games has lost some of its ability to keep secrets, the studio has been able to keep intact the mystery of the spells that this champion will have. Only now that we have been able to see his abilities in action have we been able to get a glimpse of a spell kit that will give us great mobility, area attacks and even an aura that makes us immune to certain attacks.

League of Legends

As usual in this kind of presentation, Riot Games did not want to give players all the details of Nilah's abilities. So while we can see her in action and draw conclusions about her combat prowess, we don't have an accurate description that would allow us to go into detail. This information will be communicated in the coming days. However, here are some of the most interesting details from the video.

  • One of the abilities will allow Nilah to get close to enemies, similar to Yasuo's E - Circle Slash. Details of how it works are still unknown.
  • The trailer shows Nilah shrouded in an aura that makes her immune to Twisted Fate's W - Good Pickaxe, so we can expect some sort of invulnerability. It should be noted, however, that after being hit by this ability, she is affected by her opponent's Q - Trumps. Somehow, this aura can "spread" to teammates. We do not know with what effects.
  • One of the spells, the one that seems the most powerful, is able to attract enemies. The effect is similar to when Orianna uses her ultimate.
  • One of the attacks with the whip hits at a great distance, it looks like an ability because it is different from the base animation, although it is impossible to determine its effect.
League of Legends

After this little introduction, expect Riot Games to follow the usual procedure. The developer had announced that Nilah would arrive very soon after the release of Bel'Veth and that the Udyr revamp would follow. We therefore expect a busy start to the summer with some new features to come.

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