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Diablo Immortal: in Hell 2, the shortage of players fears the general exodus

Diablo Immortal: in Hell 2, the shortage of players fears the general exodus

But what happens in Hell 2? Queuing times are excessively long and bringing together four seasoned players is a real drain. More and more experienced players are pointing to wobbly content at the highest level, and fear an exodus...

Did you think reaching the sacrosanct Hell 2 would be enough to clear the menacing horizon that hangs over Diablo Immortal? You are not at the end of your surprises, because entering late game content is not necessarily a more enjoyable experience than the first steps in Blizzard's mobile game.

Nearly three weeks after its official release worldwide, Diablo Immortal continues to chain pots, especially among the most seasoned players. For several days, these have been reporting abnormally long queue times (sometimes more than twenty minutes) to be able to enter Hell 2, which requires a group of four players

Solo farming: a fundamental right in mobile games?

It is quite rare on mobile games to have to imperatively bring together a team that plays in real time to be able to approach a content. Blizzard probably wanted to favor the concept of teamplay, a fortiori at the highest level via Hell 2, except that the thing is tedious from the point of view of the players. Taking several minutes to find a band to play on your phone is a bit much coffee.

In Hell 1 alone, not all players appreciated the fact that it takes two to launch the instance. So four players at once...

The "cross server", quickly!

The fact that Hell 2 is literally hell to farm because of the difficult meeting of four different players risks forming a real vicious circle. For some fans, it will cause veterans to throw in the towel and quit the game. The result of this exodus would then be...even longer queue times!

Players are increasingly advocating for a party finder feature that is cross-server . As a result, adventurers would find groups more easily, and the risk of seeing servers wither away would be much less.

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