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LoL: The next patch's buff that could bring back a much-hated champion

LoL: The next patch's buff that could bring back a much-hated champion

Master Yi is getting some big improvements in the next League of Legends patch, and Riot Games is already testing some changes on the PBE.

Riot Games is preparing a change that will shake up a good part of League of Legends players. After being one of the champions most affected by the succession of changes that followed the increase in character durability, Master Yi has already received a first wave of changes on the PBE. Very interesting modifications that greatly increase the power of the champion, but also try to increase the potential of his abilities when in the hands of the best players.

The dreaded changes coming to Master Yi in the next patch.

Riot Games' first move was to increase the champion's attack range so he could hit enemies 175 units away. This is a drastic change in character effectiveness. The developers only change these values when they want to dramatically improve a character, but this time around it might be the right move. Master Yi's dueling ability has always been heavily criticized by the community, especially at lower ranks. This way they can increase their power by a good amount without impairing this ability. The rest of the modifications, also very interesting, affect his W - Meditation.

Master Yi

Basic statistics

Attack range increased: 125 → 175 units

W - Meditation

Cooldown decreased: 28 → 9 seconds

Mana cost decreased: 50 to 40 (+6% max mana per second)

New — Now grants 60% tenacity for the first 0.5 seconds

The fact that we've temporarily left out changes to his healing ability doesn't make them any less important. This change is an obvious attempt by Riot Games to increase its power while reducing frustration and allowing the character to be more effective at higher ranks in the game . The reduced healing cooldown will give you more opportunities to resist enemy hits, and the extra tenacity allows you to resist control effects that are about to hit you. On the other hand, the champion loses a lot of his ability to use it only to heal himself or to buy time while waiting for his teammates.

These changes aren't final yet, but they're already available on the League of Legends PBE and are expected to hit live servers July 13 with Patch 12.13. Riot Games has never managed to balance the character across all levels of gameplay so far, but it doesn't look like the developers are ready to stop trying.

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