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LoL: He criticizes Riot Games and is offered a job!

LoL: He criticizes Riot Games and is offered a job!

A member of the League of Legends community has created a gigantic post criticizing all of Riot Games' events, claiming that they "have always been pretty bad". To his surprise, one of the company's founders responded by offering him a job.

LoL: He criticizes Riot Games and is offered a job!

League of Legends in-game events have always been relatively bad is a phrase much of the community agrees with, and also the hook one player used to slam Riot Games. Assuring that he still enjoys the game, this user wanted to share with the world his constant disappointment with what the great celebrations of this video game should be. It was a harsh criticism of the company in which it has compiled most events in the almost thirteen years since launch, showing that there have been far more mistakes than successes in this area.

League of Legends' problem with events

Going from the simple events of the early years of the game in which the celebrations consisted of a simple Summoner's Rift skin change and going all the way to the current era, the player has barely highlighted a few positives . The large number of game modes that arrived between 2016 and 2018 or the changes made to the map were, according to him, a good idea. In particular by immersing the players in the universes of each of the celebrations. However, these events are a minority spanning just four of the thirteen years of development.

The first Star Guardian event had its own game mode - League of Legends
The first Star Guardian event had its own game mode

Without ever having been fantastic, the great ideas have gradually disappeared. For example, the last time thematic objects were introduced in the events (items with different images or names) was in 2012. From this comes one of the most difficult conclusions of the player who could not believe that "the Winter Olympics event 10 years ago, had more original in-game content than MSI 2022." In fact, it situates the decline and when Riot Games would have stopped trying to make good events for League of Legends in 2018 altogether.

League of Legends Creator's Unexpected Response

The truth is that the criticism is justified, but it is also painful. In his conclusions, the player pointed out that the events for four years are a "copy and paste" which he describes as boring and a predatory tactic in terms of monetization which only seeks to blackmail players with the fear of miss out on time-limited content. He also goes further by pointing out that everything in events are cosmetic items. In short, players who do not pay do not participate and have nothing special to do, which does not encourage them to get involved.

EverQuest - League of Legends

The surprise came when the criticism reached Riot Games' ears. Marc "Tryndamere" Merrill, one of the company's founders, responded to the player's criticism in the most unexpected way: "It's an incredible message. Do you want to work with us? We should discuss it." A response motivated, in large part, by his own memories. The one most responsible for League of Legends' existence said that "it was literally me back in the day . 'Everquest, creating great blog posts' . So the boss and the creator of the post had a private conversation, the outcome of which has not yet been made public.

The truth is that Riot Games has gradually lost touch with the community and recruiting committed players again makes a lot more sense than it seems. League of Legends already has enough experienced professionals and their failures are more a matter of perspective. Who knows, maybe a year from now we'll be talking about a big change of events driven by Lanaluse, who was the creator of a wonderful post on Reddit that, in an exaggerated butterfly effect, could change the game of League of Legends forever.

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