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LoL: An LFL player suspended for toxicity

LoL: An LFL player suspended for toxicity

League of Legends is an incredibly popular game. But there is a big black point known to all... The toxicity of his community. High or low elo, the crazy race for LPs can drive anyone crazy. This scourge also exists among the pros and an LFL player has been suspended.

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Toxicity is a long-standing issue in League of Legends. If the majority of players know how to behave, there are always a few fanatics who do not know how to behave. Unfortunately and as often, it is the problematic minority that poses the problem and that makes the most noise. While there are ways to flag toxic players at the end of each game, the system is far from perfect. Any player can say it: a lot of "cancers" slip through the cracks.

However, this concern does not only concern amateur players. There is no reason for the pros to be spared this scourge. The penalty fell today and a professional LFL player was suspended for toxicity. In addition to giving a bad image, he penalizes his team.

Crownie, a nightmarish summer

The player who was suspended is BDS Academy ADC Crownie . He has been guilty of negative behavior by using inappropriate language in soloQ. Riot Games is behind the sanction, you should know that professional players are regularly subjected to a "toxicity check" and that the patrol strikes regularly, with suspensions and fines. The pros know they are being watched, but despite that, some go crazy and fail to be beyond reproach.

The Slovak ADC is currently going through a complicated period and if we allow ourselves a personal analysis, we are not totally surprised. Since the beginning of the summer, he has been performing very average performances in LFL and he seems on edge. We don't know if his non-promotion in the LEC after his superb spring has stuck in his throat, but the level displayed at the moment is light years away from what we saw in the first part of the season. We imagine that he is frustrated by the situation and many felt that he deserved to be promoted to the first team... but in the end it was Agresivoo and Erdote who had this honor. In any case, even if the context gives additional explanations, it in no way excuses Crownie's behavior. He will have time to think by spending the next two games on the bench.

What consequences for BDS Academy?

Crownie will therefore not be able to hold his place against LDLC OL (tonight) and Mirage Elyandra (tomorrow). His replacement has already been announced and Karmine Corp fans will be happy... xMatty will be back in the LFL! The Briton is going to work overtime this week, playing for the one team and the academy team. It's not ideal for him and he will have to quickly get used to a new team and a new support (Dreamer Ace).

But within the community, a person like Lounet (manager of LDLC OL) pointed out that the regulations were a bit wobbly. While BDS Academy should be punished because of the behavior of one of its players, the team has the possibility of bringing down a player from team one, who is a priori stronger individually. This sanction could therefore be seen as an opportunity or as a reinforcement... It's up to you to form your own opinion on the question, but in the event of a defeat, it could cause a bit of grumbling on the side of LDLC OL tonight.

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