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WoW: After Game of Thrones, one of the actors launches his career on Twitch!

WoW: After Game of Thrones, one of the actors launches his career on Twitch!

If Game of Thrones has allowed some actors to make a name for themselves in the cinema world, it seems that the famous series is also launching careers on Twitch. One of the actors of the series will indeed launch his first stream this Monday, July 4, and he does not intend to stop there!

Lately, it's become relatively common for celebrities from all walks of life to take a deep interest in Twitch, sometimes even launching a career alongside their main line of work. From athletes to certain politicians, even including certain renowned actors, we have seen it! And today, it is precisely an actor from the famous Game of Thrones series who is entering the arena, and not just any: that of the "Twitch Game" of World of Warcraft!

A homegrown Azerothian

Teasing his arrival on Twitch since the middle of last month, the big day has finally arrived for Kristian Nairn since he will launch the very first stream of his career this Monday, July 4, 2022. If this name probably does not evoke anything known to you, c It's pretty normal: Kristian Nairn is an Irish actor best known for playing one of the characters in the Game of Thrones series.
Present from Season 1 and until Season 6, the character he played there was a half-giant by the mysterious name of Hodor. He spoke moreover only by giving this name in a loop, and only a few rare characters understood roughly where he was coming from when he spoke.

World of Warcraft

After this important highlight, Kristian Nairn will have been rediscovered by a whole slice of Blizzard Entertainment licensing players in the guise of a DJ during one of the closing concerts organized on the occasion of the end of BlizzCon. 2018, together with the band Train and violinist Lindsey Stirling. We also know that he plays a lot of guitar, and that he even organized a tour called Rave of Thrones in tribute to the series that made him famous!

" What does this have to do with World of Warcraft? " you will say. Well, Kristian Nairn is also a very regular player of Blizzard's MMORPG, and it's probably for this reason that we were able to discover his DJ skills during the penultimate physical BlizzCon to date. A passion that he shares with many other celebrities, Lil Nas X, Vin Diesiel or even the late Robin Williams to name a few.

What content and where to find it?

Kristian Nairn will be launching his first-ever Twitch stream on Monday, July 4, 2022 starting at 3:00 p.m. PT on his personal Twitch channel . If he was not very stingy with details concerning his plans as a future full-time streamer, “Hodor” replied to a tweet indicating that he still seemed to be unaware of what concrete content he would offer during his premiere. diffusion.

Subsequently, however, he indicated that he would rather lean towards the Beta of Wrath of the Lich King Classic at first. As an almost obvious nod to the cold icy expanses in which his character evolved in Game of Thrones, it is therefore indeed Northrend which will be in the spotlight in the coming days on this stream. A future Classic streamer in the making probably?

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