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Movie Warcraft: A second opus would be considered by Universal and Blizzard!

Movie Warcraft: A second opus would be considered by Universal and Blizzard!

With the rather mixed success of Warcraft: The Beginning, fans of the universe behind World of Warcraft have given up on the arrival of a potential Warcraft 2 movie. However, a rumor seems to indicate that a "soft reboot" would already be in progress on the side of universal and Blizzard...

Movie Warcraft: A second opus would be considered by Universal and Blizzard!

The news is not the most recent, yet it seems to have passed under most of the most famous journalistic radars. What news ? The famous film Warcraft: The Beginning narrating a redesigned version of the beginnings of the history of Warcraft and World of Warcraft has not said its last word, and it would even be Universal Pictures who would still be in charge!

Warcraft: The (Re)Beginning

Released on May 24, 2016, the highly anticipated Warcraft: Beginnings film tells the story of the First War and the invasion of the Southern Eastern Kingdoms by the Orcs of Draenor led by Gul'dan. With a few liberties taken, the first adaptation on the big screen of the universe that will have made Blizzard Entertainment famous was rather moderately received overall with ratings oscillating between 2.5 and 4 out of 5 from the press and spectators. . Its main flaw? Its length, it struggled to keep us in suspense in the long term, whether or not we are a fan of Warcraft and World of Warcraft!

Thus, Warcraft: The Beginning will not have made people dream as much as Blizzard and Universal had hoped, and that's what we left off with. The success would have been too mixed to consider a sequel, to the great sadness of fans who were already expecting to see certain iconic characters from the beginnings of the license land on the big screen, Thrall or Illidan Stormrage for example.

World of Warcraft

Last March, ThatHashtagShow revealed that "his sources" (which we absolutely do not know) had exclusively informed him that a "soft reboot" would be in the pipes of Universal Pictures and that it would not take the same point of view as the first opus. This "false sequel" would feature other characters than those presented in The Beginning, and would be in part the continuity of the first film without following it.

The ins and outs of this supposed new achievement would be closely guarded, but ThatHashtagShow mentions that some characters we expected to see in The Beginning and didn't end up appearing on screen may well be among the pros as antagonists. of this "soft reboot". Finally, the author of the information also mentions that certain characters of the first opus could have aged in this new film, in particular Go'el (who we also know under the name of Thrall) who, according to his statements, would be intended to be adult and at the heart of this pseudo-sequel. Interesting when you know that you see him barely born at the very end of the previous film!

World of Warcraft

It is important to mention that this is only a rumor for the moment and that nothing can confirm or refute the words of this supposed "leak". If such news were confirmed in the next few years, it could restore the balm to the hearts of many fans of the first film as well as the game itself and give a second chance to a universe which, let's face it, is among the richest and interesting whoever! But let's not get our hopes up until an official announcement has been made!

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