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LoL: Why does Wild Rift have exclusive skins? The response of a Riot Games employee

LoL: Why does Wild Rift have exclusive skins? The response of a Riot Games employee

The League of Legends community constantly wonders why Wild Rift gets exclusive skins that never make it to League of Legends. A Riot Games employee wanted to explain the situation on Reddit.

The criticisms towards Wild Rift are not new and mainly relate to the fact that the MOBA mobile version receives exclusive skins. The main reason is that players feel that the mobile version of the game has some favor from Riot Games and are calling for "greater equality" between the two titles . The reasons are various, one of them being that part of the community thinks that the skins of the mobile version are prettier and better made, and another is that there is a perception that the wishes of the fans are easily satisfied while on PC they are ignored.

Player dissatisfaction has intensified with the arrival of the Star Guardians event and associated skins starting on July 14 — with the community wondering if the event will be better on Wild Rift than League of Legends PC . . The fact that Kassadin does not have his reworked base skin in play, unlike WR, is also an issue for many players. The developer, or rather one of his employees, wanted to clarify the situation.

Why Wild Rift exclusives?

A player by the name of JD_Crinchton posed the question on Reddit stating that "there is no logical reason for Wild Rift to get exclusive skins ".

The player states that both games have the same in-game splasharts and models and concluded that "it would be much less work to migrate LoL skins to Wild Rift than to create one from scratch . It would also allow to avoid complaints from League of Legends players. Shouldn't Wild Rift and LoL on PC have at least some parity?".

Although this idea makes some sense at first glance, it is far from corresponding to reality . This is how the Rioter EarthSlug , responsible for skins on Wild Rift, responded to the post by correcting the player.

League of Legends

First of all, it is necessary to understand that Wild Rift and League of Legends are not exactly the same games : just like the gameplay, the content also differs. The mobile version is not a simple "copy and paste" of the original MOBA. Going further, different teams run the two games.

Wild Rift certainly doesn't use "literally everything from LoL". Due to the way games are developed, the only parts we reuse from LoL are concept art, splash and audio. We need to create from scratch: - In-game model and texture - Initial skins animations model and texture - All visual effects (VFX) - All animations
Riot Earthslug (Source)
The Spychic Detective Senna skin is exclusive to Wild Rift

The explanation did not stop there. The Riot Games employee took to Twitter to explain the fact that Wild Rift is getting skins that don't exist in League of Legends, and not just redoing existing ones: the main reason is that the LoL and WR teams are evaluating content creation requests with each of these games exclusively in mind . They try to figure out what makes sense to the target audience of the two titles individually, then compare their ideas.

The Rioter used the Star Guardians event as an example: "With shared universes (like Star Guardians) in which both games have a strong interest, it's increasingly important to bring the best to players of those titles. Each team evaluates things like time since last skin, total number of skins, which champion makes sense to include in the theme, and other details."

Also, creating skins in Wild Rift takes twice as long as in LoL (mainly due to the animations of each skin). That's why the Wild Rift team needs to choose their skins long before they're announced. When it makes sense, we create skins for both games simultaneously, but when it doesn't, each game gets exclusives, even temporarily.
Riot Earthslug (Source)

The rioter pointed out that not all LoL skins are destined to come to WR and vice versa, considering each game has its own audience. He added: "However, I have to be completely frank here: the skins and themes will diverge over time, some may never make it to the other game. We really want to serve our audience in the best way possible. , we take your feedback seriously and hope to exceed your expectations whenever possible."

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