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WoW Dragonflight: Great news for every server's minority faction!

WoW Dragonflight: Great news for every server's minority faction!

Many additions to make life easier for players will take place in the World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion scheduled for the end of 2022. One of them is the "tag" of outdoor creatures, and it reinforces the cohabitation that seems to have settled between the Horde and the Alliance recently.

In order to promote World of Warcraft's next expansion, Dragonflight, Blizzard recently took the initiative to regularly post some of the minor but life-enhancing features on its official Twitter account. One of these recent additions concerns the ability to "tag" a creature whether or not it has been attacked by a member of your faction beforehand. It's light, but the idea seems to appeal to many players!

A feature as old as WoW!

If Dragonflight still offers more "QoL" features as they say, the famous "Quality of Life" which makes life easier for players, quite major, others have passed under the radar of players, even those with access to the Beta. Sometimes, we even considered that they were bugs as we were not used to being entitled to them in game!

One of them is about "tagging" a creature. Originally in World of Warcraft and for a long time now, if a lone player attacks a creature then their portrait becomes grayed out for players outside of their group. A phenomenon at the origin of many fights between players outdoors, whether or not they are of the same faction!

World of Warcraft

We still find today in WoW Classic, for example, a very specific case of "tag theft":

  1. A player is about to attack a creature (for his quest, to farm...)
  2. Another player bursts in and voluntarily attacks the creature for them, stealing the "tag" from the first player
  3. The rest we know: derogatory comment, even insulting, and a real battle is fought between these two players who thought they could farm in the area

    A phenomenon that is often seen when unique creatures are required for a given quest. If in the first version of Classic the players had played the game of queuing up to kill these creatures with sometimes quite long reappearance times, today many people don't care a bit: the first one who has the chance to The attacker has the tag and can advance, the others get stuck there sometimes for long, very long minutes.

World of Warcraft

Alliance, Horde: Cohabitation takes hold

To address this issue, World of Warcraft welcomed a new feature into the game when the Legion expansion rolled out in 2017, allowing any player of a given faction to attack and "tag" a given creature as long as that the first player who attacked her was of the same faction as him. Practical, and goodbye most "ninja mobs"!

But hey, here it is... It wasn't enough since over the years most players have chosen to desert the Alliance in favor of the Horde on most kingdoms. It is therefore difficult for the minority faction to succeed in its quests in a world where opposing players swarm and steal all your creatures without you being able to say a word.

In Dragonflight, the idea is therefore quite simple: anyone can "tag" any creature regardless of the faction of the player who attacked it first. This feature, which will mainly serve Alliance players, especially during leveling on the Dragon Islands when the expansion is released, has some limitations:

  1. It is limited to players who have not opted for War Mode. In this game mode, things will remain unchanged and you can always hit whoever stole your creature. A fair return for those savages of the Horde!
  2. If 5 players have attacked a given creature, it is no longer possible to "tag" it. A controversial limitation which is mainly there to fight against the obvious abuses of this functionality, the famous "2x4" groups which farm entire sub-areas in a loop and which would allow, if it did not exist, to bring instead of dozens of players ready to farm in the same area!

An interesting idea on the part of Blizzard certainly, even if we admit to being largely jealous of the interest of the developers for the PvE mode outdoors rather than the War Mode. We would also have liked some interesting additions that would encourage players to take risks and rediscover the joys and disadvantages of meeting the opposing faction. But hey... We make up our minds!

Anyway, one thing is certain: this feature will land with the Dragonflight PrePatch! That said, we still don't know when it will be deployed... But it probably won't be too late!

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