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WoW Dragonflight: The PrePatch is imminent!

WoW Dragonflight: The PrePatch is imminent!

If the release date of the PrePatch of the World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion was quite predictable for many, Blizzard has confirmed the expectations of many players: see you on Wednesday, October 26, 2022 for the start of hostilities and other dragoonery!

Without too much surprise, Blizzard recently revealed the official release date of the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight PrePatch. It will therefore indeed last a month, since its deployment is scheduled for Wednesday, October 26, 2022 on European servers. It will be split into two parts, such as:

  • Part 1: Wednesday, October 26, 2022 (Talents, UI, Rated Solitary Brew, Race and Class Combinations)
  • Part 2: Wednesday, November 16, 2022 (Dracthyr Evoker, Forbidden Reaches, Uldaman: Tyr's Legacy and Elemental Invasions)

    This event will introduce players to upcoming events in the Dragonflight expansion. If you're new to WoW, don't expect to be able to set foot on the Dragon Islands: it will only be possible from November 29, not before!

Dragonflight PrePatch Part 1

Release date: Wednesday, October 26, 2022

During this first phase of the PrePatch, Blizzard plans to deploy only some of the main elements of the upcoming expansion. Among the most notable and interesting for everyone, there is in particular and above all the arrival of the new talent trees: goodbye to the few talent lines that you knew from Mists of Pandaria, this new extension offers a return to the old version of these with, however, some new features! Among them, you will have, for example, two distinct trees:

  • 30 points to spend (at level 70) in your class tree to choose your "generic" skills accessible to all the specializations of your class
  • 31 points to spend (at level 70) in your specialization tree to refine your choices and specialize specifically in the role you want to embody (Tank, DPS or Healer for example), but also in the different branches within this very role tree (the Discipline Priests can choose to orient rather "Magic of shadow" or "Magic of Light" for example)
World of Warcraft

However, and even if it is undoubtedly THE real novelty to come on October 26, other elements will emerge at the same time:

  • Interface: Many addons served as inspiration for updating the interface, especially in the options they offer. But if you prefer the old one, don't panic: it will also be available!
  • Accessibility: In the same vein as for the changes made to the interface, Blizzard has chosen to simplify and above all make the game's accessibility to players more flexible. Joystick gameplay, key assignments, or the ability to cast spells by pressing or holding down a key on the keyboard... The possibilities are wider than ever.
  • Rated Solo Brew: Although very minor, the Shock: Solo Brew which was introduced with Patch 9.2 and which allowed players to practice the arena in "Solo Queue" makes a resounding return since this mode is available in a rated way, allowing you to acquire seasonal rewards, achievements, and even your weekly Grand Vault rewards.
  • Combinations of races and classes: Again a very minor feature, the Rogues, Priests and Mages can for the first time in WoW be embodied by any race. Even Tauren, yes!
World of Warcraft

It's a taste that will allow anyone who hasn't had the time or the opportunity to set foot on the Dragonflight Beta to take the time to get used to the important changes mainly to their class. A much appreciated little respite before jumping into the deep end!

Part 2 of the Dragonflight PrePatch

Release date: Wednesday, November 16, 2022

  • Evocative Dracthyr Deployment
  • Deployment of the Forbidden Reaches, the starting area of the Dracthyrs
  • New event: Primal Storms (with new quests, equipment and of course history)
  • New Dungeon: Uldaman, Tyr's Legacy

    It is at this moment that the serious things really begin. First, of course, is the arrival of the fearsome Evoker Dracthyr in-game, the only class and race to be mutually exclusive! Inevitably, since they begin the adventure at level 68 on the Dragon Islands, it's also time for Blizzard to deploy the Forbidden Reaches, the starting zone for the Dracthyrs that the other races will have plenty of time to discover in the coming months...

World of Warcraft

Last but not least, the Primal Storms event will also land on this date! Introducing new temporary quests and elemental invasions throughout Azeroth, it will allow players to discover what will lead them two weeks later to go to the Dtagon Islands, but also of course to equip themselves with a minimum thanks Level 252 gear. A big plus for the adventures that lie ahead. A new dungeon will also appear for the occasion at the end of the intrigue that you will discover: Uldaman, the legacy of Tyr, a redesigned version of one of the first dungeons of the game in which you will have to venture to find the legacy of Titans craftsmanship...

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