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LoL: Yamato Confirms Riot Games Rules Require Players to Know All Bugs

LoL: Yamato Confirms Riot Games Rules Require Players to Know All Bugs

Following the bug seen in the Top Esports vs. GAM match, several community voices criticized the League of Legends publisher for its inaction on these flaws. Yamato points out that players must be aware of all bugs in League of Legends due to a point in Riot Games' policy.

LoL: Yamato Confirms Riot Games Rules Require Players to Know All Bugs

Undoubtedly, these League of Legends World Championships will go down in MOBA history as the World of Bugs . The numerous issues lying around on the server itself have impacted many teams in a more or less significant way. The final touchdowns were Top Esports , who could have forced a triangle in Group C had they beaten GAM in that game where Jackey Love lost his life in the base race, though footage shows he should have survived.

TES players should have seen it

The last to comment on this issue was Fnatic head coach YamatoCannon. he European coach spoke out bluntly, as usual, on his own Twitter account, criticizing the League of Legends publisher and showing his frustration at not being able to do anything to ask for a break or a time break in some of the Fnatic matches during this World Cup. .

"Riot won't say anything about this bug because their opinion/rule has always been that if players don't instantly notice the bug, then it doesn't matter. I remember games where I 've seen bugs behind the scenes and couldn't do anything about it, not even ask for a time break or a simple investigation..." Yamato said on his Twitter account.

Learning all the bugs is almost "impossible" for players

Before starting the competition, Riot or the companies that organize the different leagues, distribute a file with the many bugs that are in the game and that must be avoided under penalty of being sanctioned, as happened during the match Movistar Riders last year in the Iberian Cup with Rell's combo.

In this situation, players must dig into this file and memorize the strange or buggy interactions that can take place with one of the champions they choose, in order to avoid reproducing these bugs. On top of that, it's also up to them to identify during the game if anything strange has happened, and report it quickly. This is a rather complicated or even impossible task for the players, because they already have to think about a lot of things simultaneously: the damage of their champion(s) according to the spells available, their level and their objects, those of the opposing champion(s) according to the parameters mentioned above, the timers of the spells of summoners and neutral objectives, the position of their partners and the other players of the opposing team and still other things . It is next to impossible for them to take the time to analyze whether the last seen interaction is legit or not.

Teams have long been asking for the ability for coaches to request a pause or investigation following strange interactions, but so far Riot Games has always refused, fearing that some are abusing it.

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