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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: You risk being banned if you are not careful...

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: You risk being banned if you are not careful...

The Pokémon Company warns users: players who trade modified Pokémon could indeed receive a ban that would block the online functionalities of its games. You have been warned!

With the impending arrival of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet , The Pokemon Company has announced its intention to ban players who abuse the trading system and use modified data.

Zero tolerance for Pokemon pirates

The Pokémon Company said in a new posting on the Pokémon website that players involved in altered data trades could be banned from major games in the franchise and certain storage services like Pokémon Home .

"We have confirmed that some users have played the Pokémon series and Pokémon Home with illegally modified data," the statement read. Unauthorized data modification may cause software and application malfunctions. .

“We will take the following actions against users who cause inconvenience to other users, such as those who trade modified Pokémon, or those whose actions are deemed inappropriate from an operational standpoint.”

Trainers who use "Altered Data" could face penalties such as restrictions on online play on all Pokemon titles, restrictions on using trading features in Pokemon Home, or outright suspension of Pokemon Home.

How to tell if you have unknowingly modified Pokémon

The Pokémon Company clarified that players who received some of these "hacked" Pokémon without their knowledge will not be banned. The ruling will only apply to those who frequently engage in this behavior.

There are ways to check if a Pokemon is illegal: if the Pokemon has different attacks than usual, for example, it's probably modified. The same for an ultra rare Pokémon like a legendary shiny.

Illegal Pokemon are traded using a combination of Discord bots and the Pokemon Showdown website, which allows players to add any Pokemon they want to their games. Unfortunately, these practices can cause problems like corrupt backups or data loss.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will be available on Nintendo Switch on November 18.

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Cury Mama 7 months ago

What happens if I got a hacked pokemon and trade it back?? Do I get banned?<br /> To be completely honest, I received a Chi-Yu that was level 100 with perfect stats. I was unaware that this was an exploited pokemon and it would been dangerous for me to keep. Once I was informed that it was a threat to my account, I panicked and got rid of it by surprise trading. I am really scared, I put great effort into the saved file and I potentially threw it all to waste.

Eclipse 10 months ago

This article is FULL of lies.<br /> <br /> 1. Discord bots do not create illegal pokemon. They create ILLEGITIMATE Pokemon, meaning that they're still fully legal and safe BUT weren't legitimately caught.<br /> <br /> 2. Due to them being legal, they cannot give you "corrupt data" or data loss. That could only happen with glitched out illegal Pokemon for example, a Pokemon that isn't actually programmed into the game or "MissingNo."

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