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Pokémon Scarlet Violet: One of the great mysteries of the game finally solved?

Pokémon Scarlet Violet: One of the great mysteries of the game finally solved?

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have many mysteries, but there is one that is talking about it on the networks. Some players around the world say they have observed a strange phenomenon: PokéBalls embedded in the ground. But then, is it a bug or are they hiding something else...?

Since its release on November 18, the Paldea region seems to have all fans of the license in agreement. Despite a few bugs and other graphical hiccups, Pokémon Scarlet and Purple continues to break records around the world, so much so that it's often described as the best Pokémon game of recent years.

For comparison, Scarlet/Violet has sales 25% higher than its last big brother Sword/Shield released in 2019, 56% higher than Legends Arceus and 70% higher than Pearl/Diamond! Enough to prove it once and for all: this latest opus is a hit and undoubtedly marks the beginning of a new era for Pokémon games. But as the budding trainers set off to explore Paldea, they were confronted with a mysterious phenomenon which they are now trying to understand the meaning of.

Lost PokéBalls?

If you have played Pokémon Scarlet or Purple, you have undoubtedly noticed these PokéBalls which seem to be embedded in the ground at certain room entrances or even in the open air. Of course, it is impossible to recover them. More often observable at the grape/orange academy, this phenomenon has intrigued many budding trainers who are now wondering if it is a bug or a simple oversight by the developers. These PokéBalls that appear on various occasions (and even during cutscenes) seem to be a real mystery to players around the world.

Why is there a PokéBall on the ground?

The Forgetting Theory

First, the players thought of an oversight by the developers. The latter would have used PokéBalls to scale the environment of certain rooms (scale = evaluate the consistency between the size of the various objects) . The PokéBall embedded in the ground would therefore not be a bug but an omission from the developers? Although many players think the opposite, some bring their arguments in favor of this theory...

"I see random PokéBalls in raids and secret spice caves lol they are probably dev support but not meant to be seen by us."
u/ griever187 (Source)
"Coordinates (0, 0). The Ball is there so it can quickly pop up (by simply being moved) when needed. Usually (0, 0) isn't meant to be seen, but that's Game Freak."
u/ CryZe92 (Source)

The bug theory

Budding investigators have noticed that the type of PokéBall changes depending on each team's first Pokémon. For example, if your first creature is in a SuperBall, it will be a SuperBall that gets stuck in the ground. This discovery strongly supports the theory of the bug because in addition to that, some players were confronted with a surprise... of size. As their little PokéBall had appeared, their Pokémon suddenly popped out , sometimes filling the entire space of the room.

Who knows if embedded PokéBalls will be among the bugs that will be fixed by Game Freak through potential future updates. On this side, neither the company nor Nintendo have given any news and in the meantime, players prefer to have fun with the bugs that dot the latest opus of the legendary license. Some trainers will therefore have to get used to coming across these mysterious PokéBalls...

And you, have you ever observed this phenomenon?

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