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League of Legends 9.10 PBE Changes, Malphite, Teemo

League of Legends 9.10 PBE Changes, Malphite, Teemo

Malphite and Teemo have seen some changes on PBE, but Riot Games decided to revert them in the last patch. Moreover, PBE changes are likely to go live on May 15. And to finish, Yuumi is already ongoing some tests on the test server.

League of Legends 9.10 PBE Changes, Malphite, Teemo

Balance Changes, May 8

Brand – Buffed

E (Conflagration): damage increased for more power in late game, AP Ratio increased by 10%

Caitlyn – Buffed

W (Yordle Snap Trap): more damage of headshots in early game

Graves – Buffed

Q (End of the Line): detonation damage increased

Shaco – Clone Movement Changed

R (Hallucinate): more control to the cast of the spell (your cursor determines the direction of Shaco and his clone will go to the opposite direction)

Soraka – Buffed

Q (Starcall): bonus movement speed increased

Tryndamere – Balanced

E (Spinning Slash): AP ratio lowered by 20% and CD lowered by 1 second

Xin Zhao – Changed

Q (Three Talon Strike): AD reverted from 50% to 40%

Eva Martinello

US/FR Writer

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