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LoL TFT 9.18 patch notes — Kassadin, Evelynn & BF Sword nerfed!

LoL TFT 9.18 patch notes — Kassadin, Evelynn & BF Sword nerfed!
Table of Contents
  • System Changes
  • Trait Balance Changes
  • Champion Balance Changes
  • Item Balance Changes
  • Miscellaneous

The Sparring Gloves won't be implemented yet, but we can comfort ourselves with a new consumable item and a load of changes brought by Patch 9.18. System, champion, item & trait changes — Patch 9.18 is certainly the biggest update we had since the initial release. Check this out!

LoL TFT 9.18 patch notes — Kassadin, Evelynn & BF Sword nerfed!

Things are going fast with Teamfight Tactics, and updates are constantly raining on the Convergence. However, this one is kind of special since it adds to the game a new rarity system for loot boxes: the Mystery Boxes. Yeas, you read it well: you might have the chance to drop an Epic loot box instead of the rubbish Common on. Some might argue that this change is another RNG factor within a game environment that's already swarmed with it, and they might not be completely wrong about that. The question remains and requires further testing...

You might have noticed that Demons were lately ruling the Convergence — since almost all Tier S compositions were playing around them. Well, things might change quickly since Patch 9.18 brings a lot of balance changes. Traits, champions, items — we summarize everything in this article.

This patch is going to shake things up, so get ready to re-learn (once again) how the meta works!

Patch 9.18 Summary

System Changes

  • New Item Drop System
  • Mystery Box System
  • XP Adjustments
  • Champion Tier Drop Rates
  • Champion Pool Sizes
  • Item Stacking & Clarity

Trait Balance Changes

  • New Nine Pieces Bonuses: Assassin, Sorcerer
  • Origins: Wild
  • Class: Assassin, Elementalist, Knight, Sorcerer

Champion Balance Changes

  • Tier 1: Camille, Elise, Graves, Kassadin, Kha'Zix
  • Tier 2: Pyke, Twisted Fate
  • Tier 3: Evelynn, Katarina
  • Tier 4: Akali
  • Tier 5: Anivia, Pantheon

Item Balance Changes

  • New consumable item: Neeko's Help
  • BF Sword, Frozen Heart, Locket of the Iron Solari, Swordbreaker, Zephyr


  • Bug Fixes
  • New Soundtrack

Patch 9.18 brings a new soundtrack to Teamfight Tactics

If you're playing to Teamfight Tactics since the beta release, you have perhaps noticed that the soundtrack is always the same. However, this is going to change! Following patch 9.18, a brand new set of studio-recorded soundtracks will replace the synthesized sounds we were used to. Read on!

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