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LEC Match Recap — G2 Esports earn their sixth title!

LEC Match Recap — G2 Esports earn their sixth title!

It was a match everyone was waiting for. Fnatic vs. G2 Esports, the clash of the LEC titans. For the second time in a row, the Samurai managed to reverse sweep Rekkles and his teammates — securing first seed for Europe at Worlds.

LEC Match Recap — G2 Esports earn their sixth title!

We couldn't see any other conclusion to the Summer Split of the League of Legends European Championship. In their opening match of Playoffs, G2 Esports managed to pull off the reverse sweep, toying with Fnatic before seizing victory in brutal, destructive fashion.

However, Rekkles and his teammates refused to simply admit defeat — they regrouped, beating Schalke 04 in their next series to set up a Grand Final rematch against G2.

And G2 Esports did it all again.

Everything started as usual: the G2 composition was really aggressive, with a high snowball potential — meaning Fnatic needed to properly adapt and scale if they wanted to be victorious.

In less than seven minutes, seven kills had already been recorded — the pace of the game was breakneck, kills and outplays coming thick and fast. After 20 minutes of constant fighting, Fnatic finally prevailed thanks to a Baron powerplay. 0-1, but G2 weren't out of it.

The second game started with Jankos picking Jarvan IV — one of his main champions. He applied incredible pressure onto Bwipo's toplane in the early game to make sure Wunder snowballed faster. With three Dragon buffs and a 5k gold lead, it seemed nothing could stop G2 Esports — they aced Fnatic, took down the Baron, and three minutes later the FNC Nexus burst into flames.

The third game was a mental breaking point for both teams. They were perfectly aware this game could prove to be decisive. Fnatic tried to invade G2's jungle, but failed to pull it off and paid the price: Broxah was obliterated.

However, the momentum this First Blood had given G2 Esports wasn't enough to compensate for the mechanical and strategical mistakes they made during the rest of the game. With Hylissang playing Shen, Wunder couldn't really abuse his Kled ultimate, and Caps wasn't playing at his best.

Bwipo proceeded to earn his eighth kill on Jax, thus becoming an unstoppable pushing machine. The ultimate resistance of G2 just wasn't enough — 2-1, Fnatic took the lead in the series.

G2 Esports' sixth title suddenly felt out of reach. For this fourth game, Fantic decided to play an AD-centric composition, revolving around Rekkles' Tristana. However, in a certain way, the match was already over. Like wild animals, G2 Esports only seem to wake up when they're truly endangered — and they were.

Cornered by Fnatic, the reigning LEC champions suddenly started to unleash the kind of playstyle that has made them famous. Caps settled into the match, and his Sylas started to mow down the Fnatic carries.


While G2 Esports wondered whether they could reverse sweep Fnatic once more, Rekkles and his teammates were probably asking themselves if the horror were to happen again — and it did.

Fnatic fought well, but G2 Esports were now unstoppable. Even with their late-game composition, Fnatic couldn't turn the tide and G2 won comfortably.

Ocelote's side claimed their sixth European title, and in the process Perkz became the most successful EU player of all time.

Worlds 2019 — FunPlus Phoenix are your World Champions!

It's D-Day! The League of Legends Worlds 2019 Grand Finals just ended with the win of FunPlus Phoenix. G2 Esports failed to achieve the Grand Slam, and lost 0-3 while facing the LPL champions.

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