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LoL — Ask Riot: Worlds Meta & experience gain in TFT

LoL — Ask Riot: Worlds Meta & experience gain in TFT

In this week 'Ask Riot', developers talk about the League of Legends Worlds meta, the experience gain in Teamfight Tactics, and the items that you can purchase thanks to Worlds tokens.

LoL — Ask Riot: Worlds Meta & experience gain in TFT

It's time for the traditional Ask Riot. Today, Riot Games focus on the Worlds meta, the experience gain in Teamfight Tactics, and how to use your League of Legends World Championship tokens.

What can I do with the Worlds tokens?

As you complete missions, you will accumulate many tokens — even more if you purchased the pass. You can unlock prestige points up to 100 (2200 tokens), the Prestige Edition of the Valiant Sword Riven skin (2000 tokens) and much more.

League of Legends

A few days ago, Riot Games unveiled the next prestige edition skins planned for the coming month. Great news: a prestige skin edition for Qiyana as well as new loot will be unlockable throughout the event.

Worlds Meta

Riot makes no secret of it, as the Worlds approach, the balancing is mainly determined by the pro scene. The goal is to avoid certain metas rather than to create a specific one. The method is the same as for the other patches with the champions' balancing framework.

If champions are too likely to be chosen at the event, then Riot will either nerf them or strengthen their counter-picks (hence the recent nerfsof Akali and Aatrox). Riot Games also doesn't want meta with very low lethality. For instance, Riot believed tahm Kench's pick potential was too high, so the balancing team made the King of the Rivers more vulnerable at the beginning of the game.

"At the end of the day, we expect pro teams will gravitate toward certain (and evolving) picks over the course of a long tournament like Worlds, so the approach we take is to try to establish the parameters. In other words, we try to anticipate all of the possible Worlds metas that we might see, and if we think any of those are particularly undesirable for the players and/or viewers, we’ll buff or nerf accordingly to steer away from those metas."

Experience gain in Teamfight Tactics

If you are a TFT tryharder, you have of course noticed that you are not generating any experience.

The reason is simple. The XP system, in terms of speed of level gain and types of rewards obtained, the current XP system that fits the Summoner's Rift and other similar modes isn't yet compatible with TFT. Riot Games wants to adapt it to match the experience of TFT players. The team is therefore working on a system of experience gain specific to the game mode.

In parallel, and to keep players waiting, new rewards will be offered through the Season Pass.

Riot reveals the next four Prestige Edition skins

Miss Fortune, Thresh, Qiyana, and Lee Sin will be the next ones to join the famous and eminent club of champions who own a Prestige Edition skin. Get ready to spend your points before they expire!

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