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Diablo Immortal: BlizzCon 2019 Gameplay Trailer, Q&A

Diablo Immortal: BlizzCon 2019 Gameplay Trailer, Q&A

Somewhat discreet during BlizzCon 2019, those waiting for Diablo Immortal will be content with a gameplay trailer and a Q&A session with the developers — who revealed mechanics and the equipment system.

Announced at last year's show, Diablo Immortal — a mobile version of the series — has remained in the shadow of the Diablo IV announcement this time out. Fans had to settle for a note from the developers and a short gameplay trailer.

BlizzCon attendees will be able to try the Demon Hunter class and explore the town of Wortham and Ashwold Cemetery.

We've added a new basic mechanic: Ultimate Abilities. Each class gradually builds towards the Ultimate of their choice using basic attacks. Once the gauge is full, the player can choose to improve these basic attacks for a few moments in order to let their ability, skill or magic run free.
We also present the equipment system, including our first ever Legendary skill modifiers. Turn your Scorch fireball into a Frozen Orb, change the way Explosive Palm targets and damages your enemies, or trade your arrows for grenades during Strafe.

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