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WoW: Transmogrification of legendary objects

WoW: Transmogrification of legendary objects

At the BlizzCon 2019 World of Warcraft Questions and Answers conference, developers officially announced that all legendary items will soon be transmogrifiable!

WoW: Transmogrification of legendary objects

At the World of Warcraft Questions and Answers conference dedicated to questions from World of Warcraft players mainly about Shadowlands, the developers answered a very interesting question about the future of transmogrification:

Will legendary objects ever be transmogrifiable?

The developers' answer was as short as the question: it's a yes! Before, legendary objects were those cool objects that everyone idolized and refused to see worn by anyone, but it is no longer a restriction that has a purpose nowadays. It will therefore soon be available to transmogrify any legendary object, including the Thunder Blade, the blessed sword of the Seeker!

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