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LoL: Caitlyn Build Guide, ADC S10

LoL: Caitlyn Build Guide, ADC S10

Guide LoL Caitlyn Carry AD League of Legends season 10 — Discover our tips to play the Sheriff of Piltover, who costs 4800 Blue Essences.

LoL: Caitlyn Build Guide, ADC S10

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Caitlyn is an AD carry with a huge range. She is excellent at poking her opponents without taking too many risks. She's good attack speed, critical hits, and physical damage. The crucial situational choice is as follows:

Mercurial Scimitar vs. Lord Dominik's Regards

Mercurial Scimitar

Mercurial Scimitar is effective against teams with a lot of controls. It can get you out of difficult situations, like a Malzahar ultimate. The attack damage, life stealing and magical resistance it brings are precious.

Lord Dominik's Regards

Its armor penetration as well as the damage inflicted on champions with more hit points than you make it effective against characters with a lot of armor.

How to play Caitlyn

Caitlyn is a character with a greater range than other ADCs, allowing her to dominate her lane while remaining relatively safe.

  • Level 1: Choose Q — Piltover Peacemaker to harass your opponent and easily push your lane to put pressure on your enemies.
  • Level 2: Eliminate the 9th minion of the lane to get level 2, try to get it before the enemies. Opt for W — Yordel Snap Trap if your support is a character with a powerful control like Leona or Morgana to put an extra trap that will prevent your opponent from escaping you even longer. If you're losing your lane, opt for E — 90 Caliber Net to provide a way out in case of trouble.

Caitlyn's offensive side often attracts the enemy jungler in the early levels. E — 90 Caliber Net is your only way out with the Flash. It can save your life at any time. If you wish to attack, don't forget to put a beacon in the river.

At the beginning of the game, try to put as much pressure as possible on your opponents while paying attention to your placement. Indeed, your range is greater than that of the other ADCs, take advantage of it to apply basic attacks to your opponents when they come to kill a minion. Be careful not to expose yourself too much, Caitlyn remains very sensitive to controls.

In the lane phase, don't hesitate to push the lane with your A — Piltover Peacemaker. When your enemies find themselves under their turret, put traps around it to prevent as much as possible the opponent from killing the henchmen.

In teamfight, your placement is the most important. You must focus on dodging enemy spells while trying to do as much damage as possible with your auto-attacks. Use R — Ace in the Hole at the start of battles to reduce the life of one of your opponents to start with an advantage, or at the end of the battle to kill a fleeing enemy. Never use it during combat as it prevents you from moving, making you vulnerable.



Tips and Tricks

  • You can combine your E — 90 Caliber Net and the Q — Piltover Peacemaker in sequence. If you are fast enough in your execution, the Piltover will start from your initial position, despite the fact that the E made you move.
  • W — Yordle Traps can be used to zone opponents, prepare for a teamfight, or during a siege. During skirmishes, they can be set after other checks (after a Nami's bubble, for example).
  • Targets hit by W — Yordle Snap Trap always suffer 100% damage from Q.
  • Your ultimate spell, R — Ace in the Hole can be used for different purposes. To execute a fleeing target, weaken a fragile opponent target (e.g. the midlaner) before a teamfight. Also be aware that it gives you the vision on the target during the entire channel, which can allow your teammates to attack it.
  • Caitlyn's range surpasses that of all the champions at the beginning of the game. Abuse this range to punish your opponent's every last-hit.
  • During fights, try to position yourself in a bush if possible, your passive will charge twice as fast in this case.
  • E — 90 Caliber Net can get you through walls, stand with your back to them and use the net in front of you.

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