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Best Games 2019 — Action

Best Games 2019 — Action

Feel like punching and killing stuff? Prove that you're the biggest badass around? Here are some of the most notable and quality action games released last year. They'll give you something to blow off steam or rage about over the holidays and into 2020.

Best Games 2019 — Action

We continue our selection of the best games of 2019 by category! In order to attack Action games in different forms, demanding, challenging, fun, there is once again something for everyone. However, there are so many games that could simply fit into this category that several other articles will follow, whether for cooperative, competitive multiplayer, or more adventure-oriented games.

Sekiro: Shadows die twice

PS4, Xbox One, PC

The game of the year for some of us, Sekiro is a break from the usual FromSoftware studio formula, which is represented by Dark Souls in the popular mind. Much faster, intense and fluid, it asks the player to manage his posture and the art of parrying rather than simply multiplying rolls. Bosses are often real walls capable of blocking players for long hours. The hitboxes are accurate, and everything can be countered using the right method. It is then necessary to master the mechanisms of combat to overcome them (or use a cheese). It's incredibly satisfying, especially in NG+ when bosses and enemies who gave us a hard time the first time get massacred by the player's newly acquired talents. In short, the game is difficult but fair.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

PS4, Xbox One, PC (January 9, 2020)

One of our favorite games of 2018 counterattacks with an expansion of exceptional quality that has the luxury of hiding its content to surprise players. It's the perfect opportunity to return to Monster Hunter World for those who find it lacking in content. With new zones, new monsters, techniques for each weapon, and a ton of equipment, there's finally something to spend weeks on hunting giant monsters, with solid challenges to be met, whether in single-player or multiplayer.

It's one of the very few games that still manages to make players appreciate farming and make it interesting. What's more, the free content patches and events give good reason to come back regularly for a few games, so that you don't get caught up in the process of skinning ever more ferocious creatures before they put on their skin, and killing their families with their fangs and claws.

A good reason to talk about it here is that PC gamers will finally be able to get their hands on it on January 9, 2020, after 4 months of waiting.

Resident Evil 2: Remake

PC, PS4, Xbox One

Capcom invites you to discover, or rediscover Racoon City, and in particular its ill-named police station with this ambitious remake of the second title of the famous Resident Evil saga. It goes far beyond a simple remaster, and you have no excuse not to test this mix of action, survival, and horror, as you play as two of the survivors who must escape this hellish place populated by zombies and other grotesque creatures. Every bullet counts. Following the game's absolute success, no one will be surprised to see a certain Resident Evil 3 Remake coming out next April.

Gears 5

PC, Xbox One

The Gears have returned to counter the locust forces attempting to invade Sera. Leading a new squad led by Marcus Fenix's son, this new episode will also focus on the character of Kait, who is well featured at the very end of Gears 4. In addition to the legendary multiplayer modes, G5 offers a campaign that deepens the CGU universe in a very nice way, while offering a slightly more open construction for the series, with side quests and a drone with upgradeable skills. Moreover, like all Microsoft exclusives, the game is available via the Game Pass (PC and console) — what are the people asking for?

Devil May Cry 5

PC, Xbox One, PS4

After a spin-off full of visual discoveries by Ninja Theory, the original team is back in business for a Devil May Cry 5 featuring 3 characters, for 3 completely different gameplays: Nero and his multi-function arms, Dante and his styles offering absolutely crazy combo possibilities and finally V, fighting only thanks to his summonings. It's also a title that concludes a whole section of the DMC saga in a very nice way, if you're a bit attached to Dante and his gang, it's clearly a must-have for 2019.

Best Games 2019


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