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LoL Guide, Build for Evelynn, Jungle, S10

LoL Guide, Build for Evelynn, Jungle, S10

Evelynn Jungle League of Legends Season 10 Guide - Check out our tips, items and runes to play the Agony's Embrace.

LoL Guide, Build for Evelynn, Jungle, S10


League of Legends


Evelynn is a damage-inflicting jungler. As with all assassins, you must give priority to items that will increase the damage you inflict, while adapting to the composition of the opposing team.

Main objects

Runic Echoes and Lich Bane are the two main objects for Evelynn, the movement speed and the extra damage they offer make for a devastating combo.

Situational Objects

  • Zhonya's Hourglass: can get you out of the most dangerous situations when your ultimate is in recovery time.
  • Liandry's Torment: ideal when the opposing team has a lot of health points.

How to play Evelynn?

Evelynn is a very good offensive jungler. Her invisibility allows her to move boldly across the map to surprise her opponents. However, the first levels can be more complicated to manage.

Early game

  • Level 1: Q - Hate Spikes allows you to quickly make your first camp.
  • Level 2: If you start at the Blue Sentinel take W - Allure to get your Gromp and the Rift Scuttlers, then gank or cross the map to get the rest of your jungle. If you start at the Red Brambleback take E - Whiplash to be able to do the Corbins and Wolves faster.
  • Up to Level 6, Evelynn can't camouflage herself, which makes her ganks easier to dodge. However, if one of your allies has good controls, you can use W - Allure to charm your opponent, forcing him to use a Summoner spell. If there is no opportunity, clear your jungle as efficiently as possible, try to get some sight on the opposite jungle and be ready to respond to his ganks.
  • Starting at Level 6, Evelynn takes on her true demonic form, and hides behind her camouflage when out of combat. She also recovers R - Last Caress. Between her invisibility and her ultimate that inflicts huge damage, Evelynn becomes a very efficient assassin. Use your camouflage to bypass your enemies in order to stalk your prey.


Like most assassins, Evelynn does not excel at team combat, however R - Last Caress inflicts heavy area damage against enemies with few hit points. Take advantage of your invisibility to try to sneak behind the tanks to get the ADC or support. If you can't find an opening, try to create an opportunity for your team by charming a misplaced enemy. Keep your ultimate as long as possible to maximize your damage.

How to use W- Allure

Evelynn's charm is not instantaneous, which makes the spell more complex to use.

W - Allure is a targeting spell, which takes 2.5 seconds to load. If you reactivate the mark before this delay, by attacking your opponent (with a spell or a basic attack) it will be slowed down. On the other hand, if you hit the target after this delay, it will be charmed and its magic defense will be reduced. The damage inflicted by the activation of the mark will be identical.

There are two major ways to use W - Allure:

  • You must inflict a lot of damage in a very short time: do not charge your charm in advance and use all your spells instantly on your target. If you have enough damage, your target will be killed before you can react.
  • You must apply the as much damage as possible: use your charm and move around your target without showing yourself, place yourself between it and the place where it is trying to flee. Then use all your spells when its charmed. This option gives your target more time to react but allows you to inflict more damage.



Tips & Tricks

  • The recovery time of Q - Hate Spike is reduced if the spell hits a monster.
  • Q - Hate Spike can be reactivated three times, dealing area damage. The target struck by the first part of the spell will receive additional damage.
  • Use Q - Hate Spike when passing close to a camp to heal yourself with the Hunter's Talisman. Both Raptors and Wolves are good sources of regeneration.
  • When W - Allure is fully charged the targeted enemy will have an arrow around him indicating your direction for a short while. Deviate from your trajectory so as not to be too predictable when you come out of your invisibility.
  • E - Whiplash is enhanced when you use it for the first time after recovering your Demon Shade Passive. E - Whiplash deals more damage, gains range and allows you to follow your target in case of flash and other mobility spells. The spell hits all enemies in its path.
  • R - Last Caress deals more damage to enemies who have less than 30% of their health. A visual indicator appears above the champions who will receive the damage bonus.

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