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Guide, Build LoL Heimerdinger, Mid, S10

Guide, Build LoL Heimerdinger, Mid, S10

Heimerdinger Mid League of Legends Season 10 Guide - Find our tips, items, and runes to play the Revered Inventor , wich costs 3150 Blue Essence.

Guide, Build LoL Heimerdinger, Mid, S10

Through this guide, find out about the build and the new runes tree for Season 10. You will find tips and tricks to master this League of Legends champion.


League of Legends

Early Game

Doran's Ring and two health potions are mandatory for a mage like Heimerdinger, whether it's HP, power or mana.


For any mage, going to Sorcerer's Shoes is relevant. But Heimerdinger being based on survivability - to make his turrets do the job longer - getting defensive boots is perfectly possible depending on the enemy's composition.

Core Items

  • Luden's Echo is the basic item for most mages, power, cooldown reduction and mana, it is the must-have item on Heimerdinger.
  • If Zhonya's Hourglass is that interesting so early, it is above all for the stasis which allows to temporize the cooldowns and which does not prevent the turrets from inflicting damages, so use the stasis after having cast all your spells and hope that your turrets remove your opponents before you get out of it.
  • Liandry's Torment inflicts magical damage compared to the HP of the victims, enough to drastically increase your dps in teamfights.

Situational items

  • Morellonomicon and its magic penetration is very strong with this build and amplify the damage of Liandry's Torment. But its use will only be optimized if its purchase is followed by a Void Staff!
  • Void Staff is highly recommended when you have purchased Liandry's Torment, as the amount of magical resistance it ignores is very interesting when you inflict damage in relation to the health points of your victims.
  • Banshee's Veil is the required item against some champions. Is Zoe a problem? Lux too? Going on Banshee's Veil allows you to survive if you make a placement mistake.
  • Rabadon's Deathcap brings a lot of power and prevents your champion from running out of breath if the game drags on.

Playing Heimerdinger

At the beginning of the game Heimerdinger can apply a huge amount of pressure on opponents thanks to his turrets that push the lane and, when you hit your enemies with your other spells, send rays at them inflicting heavy damage. But this force is not without drawbacks; indeed, applying so much pressure will often tend to attract enemy junglers, so be careful about your placement on the line.

  • Level 1: Q - H28 G Evolution Turret put up to 3 turrets to put pressure on the lane, but don't place them right next to each other, make an arc to avoid your opponent to destroy them too easily. When he destroys one of them, put a new one back in.
  • Level 2: Now that you have W - Hexteck Micro Rockets, protect your turrets by sending it on your opponent when he tries to destroy them. Thus, all your turrets, normally always in an arc, should be within range to throw up to 3 rays at once.
  • Level 3:It's just like level 2, the only difference being that after hitting E - CH2 Electrom Storm Grenade you have to throw W - Hexteck Micro Rockets at your opponent in order to inflict more damage.



Tips & Tricks

  • Your turrets charge over time. Once charged, they send out a laser beam that inflicts heavy damage.
  • Hitting an opponent with Z - Hextech Micro Rockets or E - CH2 Electrom Storm Grenade instantly recharges your turrets. Moreover, it is this enemy that your turrets will focus first.
  • Attacking an enemy with an auto-attack marks it, marked opponents will be the preferred targets of the turrets. Be sure to use an auto-attack before using your Zhonya to ensure that all turrets focus on the same champion.
  • Prepare your turrets from the first level in order to quickly push the first wave and instantly take the ascent on your opponent.
  • Use your Zhonya's Hourglass once your opponent is within range of your turrets and let them do the work.
  • Your rockets scatter more or less depending on the placement of your cursor.

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