Guide LoL Jhin, ADC, S10

How to play Jhin as ADC in League of Legends. Discover our tips to play the Virtuoso, wich costs 6300 Blue Essence

Guide LoL Jhin, ADC, S10


League of Legends

Early game

Start the game with Doran Blade and a Healing Potion. If the match-up really seems complicated or you are afraid of the enemy support feel free to go on a Doran Shield instead.


  • Boots of Mobility is a good option for the speed boost.
  • Mercury's Treads is the best choice for a difficult heavy AP match-up.
  • Ninja Tabi if you fear an heavy AD game.

Core items

  • Stormrazor is the perfect item on Jhin, Jhin's Passive offering one critical strike every 4 auto-attacks, with this item you go to 2 guaranteed critical strikes minimum in a fight, without even having a single percentage of critical strike chance.
  • Infinity Edge, which transforms a percentage of your critical strik allows you to inflict very heavy damage on solid targets, and also doubles your critical strike chance.
  • Jhin can't output as many auto-attacks as most champions because of his passive and reload speed. With Rapid Firecannon, you have the advantage of being able to apply an auto-attack much earlier, allowing you to set your fourth auto-attack faster.

Guardian Angel vs Mercurial Scimitar

Guardian Angel

In a patch that puts so much emphasis on the assassins, Guardian Angel will very often be your preferred choice.

Mercurial Scimitar

But the problem may not always be assassins or bruisers, in which case, against some champions like Warwick and Malzahar, the Mercurial Scimitar can replace the Guardian Angel.

Playing Jhin

As Jhin doesn't have a lot of continuous damage, at the beginning of the game you'll have to focus on your fourth attack and Q - Dancing Grenade to keep opponents at a distance in order to farm safely, then use W - Deadly Flourish to immobilize targets before engaging in combat.

  • Level 1: Use the bounces from Q - Dancing Grenade to inflict damage to your opponents and to farm minions that you know you've lost because of the time it takes to reload your weapon.
  • Level 2: With W - Deadly Flourish you will be able to immobilize the opponent that you or your support attacked. Ideally take advantage of this control time to apply your fourth automatic attack.
  • First back: Try to make your first back with more than 1450 gold in order to buy B.F Sword as well as a Refillable Potion or a Vision Ward.



Miss Fortune

Tips & Tricks

  • Q - Dancing Grenade sees its damage amplified when it kills the target it bounces off. Try to kill 3 minions before the grenade bounces off the enemy champion.
  • W - Deadly Flourish can immobilize an opponent, on the one hand if you have previously attacked him with a base attack, on the other hand if he hits even a little E - Captive Audience, or finally if one of your allies hits the targeted champion in any way.
  • Your fourth basic attack and your fourth R - Curtain Call bullet inflict additional damage depending on the target's missing HP, so make sure you hit with targets that are already well damaged.
  • When recharging your ammo, feel free to hide for a few seconds to activate Duskblade of Draktharr and Stormrazor abilities.

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