Guide LoL Kai'Sa, ADC, S10

Kai'Sa ADC League of Legends Season 10 Guide - Find our tips, items, and runes to play the Daughter of the Void , wich costs 6300 Blue Essence.

Guide LoL Kai'Sa, ADC, S10


League of Legends

Early game

With Kai'Sa, start the game with Doran Blade accompanied by a Healing Potion. If really the match-up seems impossible, take a Doran Shield instead.


  • Berserker's Greaves is the ideal choice for Kai'Sa ADC.
  • Mercury's Treads is the best choice for a difficult heavy AP match-up.
  • Ninja Tabi if you fear an heavy AD game.

Core items

  • Stormrazor is the preferred option on Kai'Sa, with attack damage, attack speed, critical strike chance, and significant slow.
  • Guinsoo's Rageblade is the perfect item for Kai'Sa, giving you power, damage and attack speed, as well as a Passive that allows you to apply Kai'Sa's auto-attacks faster.
  • Runaan's Hurricane is also an incredible option on Kai'Sa, allowing you to apply your passive on more targets with its three items Kai'Sa becomes a monster in teamfights.
  • Infinity Edge is the next item of choice, with increased critical strike damage and a little more critical strike chance.

Situational items

  • Guardian Angel is the classic for an AD carry, with the ability to come back to life when you die, stall while your allies remove threats.
  • Bloodthirster is not to be underestimated, the heal potential that the item gives you with attack damage can be particularly useful in long teamfights.
  • Mercurial Scimitar is your best friend against champions like Malzahar, Warwick or Mordekaiser, don't be afraid to buy it to get out of more than perilous situations!
  • Phantom Dancer offers a more than interesting shield that will cumulate with that of Kai'Sa's ultimate, so it is particularly interesting at the end of games where the two shields can make Kai'Sa particularly difficult to kill.

Playing Kai'Sa

Kai'Sa is a very powerful champion capable of inflicting very heavy damage but this is particularly the case thanks to her passive Second Skin which activates in 5 auto-attacks; Kai'Sa therefore excels in fairly long fights with supports that help her apply the 5 autos.

  • Level 1: Focus on the farm and don't hesitate to use Q - Icathian Rain to kill the minions with ease.
  • Level 2: With W - Void Seeker, punish your opponents when they are not behind their minions in order to scratch a good part of their health.
  • First Back: Try to make your first back with at least 1000 gold to acquire Tear of the Godess, some Potions and a Ward. Take advantage of the mana points saved via the Tear of the Goddess to harass your enemies with your spells.
  • Once Manamune obtained try to take a pickaxe to go directly on your Guinsoo's Rageblade, this will allow you to have the increase of Q - Icathian Rain.


Miss Fortune

Tips & Tricks

  • Don't underestimate the damage of your Passive - Second Skin.
  • After buying 100 of physical damage with your items, Q - Icathian Rain projects additional missiles.
  • With 100 extra AP, W - Void Seeker sees its cooldown reduced by 50% when it hits an enemy champion and applies an extra Plasma effect.
  • Thanks to Passive - Second Skin that applies a plasma effect when an ally immobilizes an enemy champion, you can quickly join a battle with R - Killer Instinct.
  • W - Void Seeker doesn't pass through minions and monsters, make sure you don't have any in your path to reach your enemies.
  • You can't attack during E - Supercharge. However, once the charge is finished, you gain a big attack speed bonus for a few seconds.
  • Auto-attacks decrease the cooldown of E - Supercharge.

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