Guide LoL Kayle, Top, S10

How to play Kayle in the Top Lane in League of Legends. Discover our tips to play the Righteous, wich costs 450 Blue Essence

Guide LoL Kayle, Top, S10


League of Legends

Early Game

You can start with a Corrupting Potion to stay in lane longer before going back to base.


The Berserker's Greaves will be your choice in most games, as they offer attack speed, which is a key statistic on Kayle. However, you'll take Mercury's Treads if you're afraid of enemy controls, or Ninja Tabi against a team with heavy physical damage.

Core items

  • Kayle being an stationary champion with hybrid ratios, she perfectly uses all the stats of Hextech Gunblade, moreover, the speed reduction offered by the item's active allows you to chase or kite your opponents with ease.
  • Nashor's Tooth boosts your attack speed and converts some of your AP into additional damage on auto-attacks. Reducing cooldown is also very useful since the goal is to have your E as often as possible.
  • Guinsoo's Rageblade greatly augment your attack speed while boosting your on-hit effects.

Situational items

  • Wit's end is a good choice when against heavy AP match-ups.
  • Zhonya's Hourglass allows you to stall during fights without using your ultimate and is close to a must-have on Kayle.
  • Banshee's Veil provides you with a shield that allows you to absorb the first opponent's skill that hits you. Ideal against teams with champions like Morgana or Lux who have long range control spells.

Playing Kayle

Kayle is a champion with a very weak early, since she doesn't have much damage before owning several items, and is a melee champion before level 6. So you have to play very defensively, and try to survive as best you can.

  • Level 1: Start at E - Starfire Spellblade to be able to start poking your opponent, or to help you last hit the minions out of reach. Don't try to trade, as most champions will do better than you.
  • Level 2: Take Q - Radiant Blast to facilitate the last hit and increase your poke ability.
  • Level 3: W - Celestial Blessing will allow you to escape an aggression from your opponent, allowing you to continue to poke safely.

During teamfights

Kayle is most effective when she can split-push, but when you need to group, you need to position yourself as an ADC and target the person closest to you. Kayle has enough damage at the end of the game to take down any opponent. Always keep R - Divine Judgment for your most important ally, but don't be afraid to use it selfishly.



Tips & Tricks

  • The damage of E - Starfire Spellblade increases with the target's missing health points, which can be quite surprising in the lane phase of a trade.
  • Use W - Celestial Blessing during an allied gank to momentarily increase your jungler's movement speed and allow him to help you catch your opponent more easily.
  • No matter what your target is, using R - Divine Judgment will prevent you and only you from attacking until the Celestial Swords have fallen. Thus, do not hesitate to use your ultimate on an ally who will be able to exploit his full potential in the middle of the battle, while being protected from damage thanks to you.
  • Q - Radiant Blast allows, in addition to slowing down your opponent, to reduce his armor and magical resistance, which makes this spell a very important debuff to take down the opposing tanks in teamfight.

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