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LoL Guide: Darkin (Red) Kayn Jungle, S10

LoL Guide: Darkin (Red) Kayn Jungle, S10

Check out our Darkin (Red) Kayn Jungle Guide for Season 10 of League of Legends. Here's everything you need to know about playing the Shadow Assassin.

LoL Guide: Darkin (Red) Kayn Jungle, S10


League of Legends


When transformed in Darkin, Kayn plays the role of tank and bruiser. His equipment must allow you to inflict heavy damage to the enemy team and stay alive for a maximum amount of time.


  • Tabi Ninja and Mercury's Treads are the best shoes for the Darkin, take the ones that best counter the enemy team.
  • Mobility Boots are to be bought only if you want to make yourself very present for your allies. With your E - Shadow Step you will be able to cover great distances in a very short time.

Core Items

  • While the Warrior enchantment is absolutely mandatory, the choice of the jungle item depends on you: Skirmisher's Sabre will help you win your 1v1 duels in the early game, while the Stalker's Blade allows you to slow down your targets before casting R - Umbral Trespass on them.
  • Black Cleaver brings damage, HP as well as armour penetration to Kayn.
  • Death's Dance gives you a big regeneration and resistance to enemy burst. Be very careful not to die during R - Umbral Trespass due to the delayed damage.

Situational Items

  • Spirit Visage synergizes very well with the Darkin's kit, increasing all your healing!
  • Guardian Angel will allow you to time out even more during teamfights. Don't forget to use your Stopwatch beforehand.
  • Dead Man's Plate, Thornmail and Randuin's Omen are all interesting items. Dead Man's Plate will increase your speed out of combat; Thornmail will greatly penalize ADCs that target you; Randuin's Omen will slow down enemies and reduce critical hit damage.

How to play Kayn

Kayn has the ability to transform into Darkin by killing melee champions: choose to gank this type of enemy first to speed up your transformation.

He usually starts at the Blue Sentinel when he starts on the blue side, and at the Red Brambleback when he starts on the red side, to be able to finish his camp quickly with the help of the ADC and support. You can also start alone at the Raptors or Wolves.

His main asset for gank efficiently is E - Shadow Step, allowing him to gank through walls. Wait until you pass level 3 to maximize your chances of success.

  • Level 1: Choose Q - Reaping Slash to help you kill jungle monsters.
  • Level 2: Be alert to a possible invasion of the enemy jungle and take W - Blade's Reach which inflicts multi-target slowdown and zone damage.
  • Level 3: E - Shadow Step allows you to pass through walls. The first wall hit brings life and if you take damage or the delay ends while crossing the obstacle, you get out of it.

During the teamfights, you will have to tank for and support the allied carry. Darkin's zone control, regeneration, and ultimate regeneration will make him a priority target opponent. His R - Umbral Trepass makes him untargetable for 2.5 seconds, so don't hesitate to initiate a teamfight and take all the opponent's focus, knowing that you will be able to temporize with your ultimate.



Tips & Tricks

  • Use your Q - Reaping Slash to get to your target's hand-to-hand combat, dodge a spell or cross a wall.
  • The W - Blade's Reach can be used during your E - Shadow Step without coming out of a wall, which creates a surprise effect.
  • Thanks to E - Shadow Step to escape and its zone spell kit, Kayn is one of the best splitpusher in the game; your regeneration, damage, and tanking will force the opposing team to send several opponents to counter you.
  • By reactivating the R - Umbral Trespass, you can get out of the target without having to wait the 2.5 seconds.
  • Use the R - Umbral Trespass to follow an enemy in a Teleport, dodge a deadly spell, or stall action in team combat.

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