Guide LoL Lulu, Support, S10

How to play Lulu as support in League of Legends. Discover our tips to play the Fae Sorceress, which costs 4800 Blue Essence

Guide LoL Lulu, Support, S10

Lulu is a versatile champion as she is able to protect her allies or intensify their damage while being quite aggressive.


  • Boots of Mobility are very useful to provide vision or to accompany your teammates' roams.
  • You can opt for Ionian Boots of Lucidity if you know that you'll need 10% less cooldown for your spells to reach maximum cooldown.

Core items

  • Ardent Censer increases the DPS of the carry you are protecting, it is an important item for a peel support.
  • Redemption allows you to heal your allies in battle, even if you are far away (or dead).
  • Locket of the Iron Solari allows you to shield allies.

Situational items

  • Knight's Vow and Zeke's Convergence are two items that increase Lulu's peel. The Zeke will activate when you use R - Wild Growth. The Knight's Vow will deal damage in place of your ally.
  • The Athene's Unholy Grail is a healing item to buy only if you play the game offensively.

Playing Lulu

Lulu is a champion who needs to harass as much as protect during the lane.

  • Level 1: Take your E - Help, Pix! Using, use basic attack and skill to abuse your opponent when he approaches to execute a minion, this allows you to impose your rhythm without putting yourself in too much danger.
  • Level 2: The skill Q - Glitterlance allows you to accentuate your Poke in synergy with E - Help, Pix! Among other things, it applies a slow-down that can be decisive, particularly effective for following or disengaging a gank.

In Teamfight, stay back and use the W - Whimsy skill on your AD carry to make it easier to position and boost your damage.

Always be ready to use your R - Wild Growth to save an ally from certain death or to follow a teammate's engagement by throwing opponents around in the air.

Prevent as much as possible the engagement or the retreat of your enemies with your E - Help, Pix! + A - Glitterlance.



Tips & Tricks

  • Be careful not to push your lane by trying to auto-attack your enemies, your passive does important damage, but stops on the first unit hit.
  • For the beginning of a fight, use W - Whimsy on your initiator to allow him to reach his targets or keep it to neutralize an assassin who would like to kill your carry.
  • E - Help, Pix! and R - Wild growth are perfect for keeping an ally alive, use his spells to surprise enemies by countering their burst.
  • After inflicting E - Help, Pix! on an opponent, wait slightly because the opponent will expect the combo and will try to dodge it by reflex. You can now send your Q - Glitterlance with a better chance of hitting your target.
  • R - Wild growth can be used to counter mobility tools such as the Q of VI quite easily or a jump from Rengar but the latter requires more reflexes.

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