LoL Guide Kled, Top, S10

Kled Top League of Legends Season 10 Guide - Check out our tips, items and runes to play The Cantankerous Cavalier

LoL Guide Kled, Top, S10


League of Legends


Kled is a very aggressive rider who is at the peak of his strength when in extended combat. Choose items to increase his damage but also his survival so that you can activate your R - Chaaaaaaaaaarge!! without running to your doom.


Mercury Threads is by default a very good option to be uncontrollable in teamfight.
Ninja Tabi is to be preferred against an AD opponent.

Core Items

  • At the beginning of the game, you can build a Tiamat, which will allow you to push very quickly.
  • Black Cleaver synergizes very well with your kit and brings you a pool of HP very well converted by your mount.
  • Finish then your Titanic Hydra. You then have a self-attack reset and a zone DPS at your disposal. Ravenous Hydra may be an option if you want to regenerate.
  • Guardian Angel will allow you to rush into the melee and worry about the consequences. Don't forget to use Stopwatch beforehand.

Situational Items

  • Sterak's Gage will give you a second wind in teamfight and make you even less controllable thanks to the bonus tenacity of his passive.
  • Against a lot of AD damage, Thornmail and Randuin's Omen will make you even harder to kill.
  • Against an AP composition, Spirit Visage is still an effective item.

How to play Kled?

Kled is a very aggressive champion with two phases of fighting: mounted and dismounted. Your spells change between the two forms and you can recover your mount by inflicting enough damage to enemy champions or by retrieving minions.

You must always be proactive in order to repel your toplaner. This gives you the opportunity to shift to help your allies thanks to R - Chaaaaaaaarge!!. Kled is more vulnerable without Skaarl, but the courage bar that brings your mount back quickly charges up when you hit an enemy champion.

In the lane phase:

  • Level 1: Take your Q - Beartrap On a Rope on a leash to poke your opponent, or get your minion back without putting yourself in danger. Note that the spell goes through the minions but damages them.
  • Level 2: Wait until you are within range of your opponent's self-attacking range before taking W - Violent Tendencies, this allows you to apply the four basic enhanced attacks. Few champions can respond to this aggression.
  • Level 6: Seek to push waves of minions towards the enemy turret to give you time to use R - Chaaaaaaaarge!! on other lines. Don't forget to look for the enemy Jungler in his own jungle. You can surprise him and retrieve a kill or even a camp.

Later in the game, push the Top or the Bot to the maximum, and use your mobility to engage for your team. The speed of movement provided by R - Chaaaaaaaarge!! allows your team to follow you easily. In teamfight your objective is to beat the opposing carrys, to keep them busy while your team takes care of the most resistant characters.



Tips & Tricks

  • When you lose your mount you are uncivilized. You can use it to lose the focus of the turret during a dive.
    If you return to base, Skaarl will instantly come back to you.
  • Q - Beartrap On a Rope goes through the minions and deals 150% of the damage.
  • E - Jousting does not allow you to cross the walls, on the other hand on foot, the recoil of Q - Pocket Pistol allows you to do so.
  • E - Jousting targets the hit opponent to allow you to jump on him a second time. Try to space these two charges as far apart as possible so that you can follow a possible Flash, or any other mobility spell.

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