LoL Guide Kindred, Jungle S10

Kindred Jungle League of Legends Season 10 Guide - Check out our tips, items and runes to play The Eternal Hunters.

LoL Guide Kindred, Jungle S10


League of Legends


Early game

  • Kindred starts the game with Hunter's Machete to inflict more damage to the monsters via his basic attacks. Accompany it with a Refillable Potion.


  • Acting like an AD Carry, Kindred enjoys Berserker's Greaves.
  • However, prefer defensive options such as Ninja Tabi if you're playing against an AD Jungler capable of annihilating you (Lee Sin, Xin Zhao).

Core Items

  • Kindred acting as an ADC, arming yourself with the Skirmisher's Saber with Warrior enchantment is your best option.
  • Stormrazor allow you to kite your opponents thanks to the passive slowing down. E - Mounting Dread will be easier to trigger.
  • Infinity Edge will give you a huge burst when you inflict a critical hit.

Situational Items

  • Runaan's Hurricane and Rapidfire Cannon are two attack speed items. Choose Runaan's Hurricane if you want to deal damage to several enemies at the same time, and Rapidfire Cannon if you want an extra row for poking/fighting.
  • Opt for a Maw of Malmortius to protect you from magical damage. In addition, the Phantom Dancer is a good alternative if you need a defensive shield but still want more critical hits (don't cumulate both items).
  • Guardian Angel is a very good defensive solution, coupled with your ultimate it will make you hard to kill.
    If you play against champions who are very strong, Executioner's Calling will be mandatory. Make it evolve in Mortal Reminder once your core build is completed.

How to play Kindred

Kindred's passive - Mark of the Kindred makes his scaling very explosive. Once you've accumulated several marks and have several items, neither tanks nor assassins will scare you.

  • Level 1: Kindred will have to make his jungle as fast as possible to take the ascendancy on his face to face, so you'll start with the Red Brambleback
  • Level 2: Q- Dance of Arrows allows you to kite the monsters and lose few HP. Opt either for a clean sweep of your classic jungle or an invasion into the enemy jungle.
  • Level 3: Once you have E - Mounting Dread, you can gank effectively. Try to eliminate the enemy that you marked with your passive beforehand (it can be the enemy jungle as well). You can voluntarily go elsewhere to sow uncertainty in the enemy team.
  • Level 6: R - Lamb's Respite allows you to set-up dives and 2v2s. The spell can reverse the outcome of team fights, so don't use it anytime.

With Kindred, you must first of all place yourself impeccably during the fights. This is pretty easy since Q - Dance of Arrows +W - Wolf's Frenzy allow you to reposition yourself at all times. Try to play in such a way that you get as much Passive - Mark of the Kindred as possible. These marks will give you bonus stats (increased range, damage on enemy max HPs...).


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Tips & Tricks

  • Much of your damage is based on your Passive - Mark of the Kindred. So try to collect as many marks as possible, but be careful not to get greedy.
  • Q - Dance of Arrows allows you to pass through walls, and momentarily increases your attack speed.
  • E - Mounting Dread will be critical on enemies below 15% of their hit points, this value will increase with your critical hit chance. (65% of its hit points with 100% critical strike chance);
  • R - Lamb's Respite is a spell that can change the course of a battle. Don't hesitate to use it when your team is about to die in order to give your allies a reprieve and maybe allow a turnaround.
  • Rolling W - Wolf's Frenzy reduces the cooldown of Q - Dance of Arrows to 2 seconds. Likewise if you roll the latter in your Wolf's Zone.
  • Use the maximum slowing down of W - Wolf's Frenzy when farming on jungle monsters to take as little damage as possible.

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