LoL Guide: Sion Top, S10

Guide Sion Top League of Legends season 10 - Discover our tips to play the Undead Juggernaut, who costs 1350 Blue Essences.

LoL Guide: Sion Top, S10

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Starting Items

Corrupting Potion is the best choice to start the game, it allows you, in addition to recovering many life points and mana, to inflict additional damage when you attack an enemy.


As a Juggernaut, it's often recommended to opt for Mercury Treads or Ninja Tabi depending on the type of damage your opponent uses and the number of crowd controls he has.

Core Items

  • The Sunfire Cape will strengthen your lane phase against the AD champions.
  • With the Thornmail, AD champions won't be able to face you without taking a huge amount of damage. It's especially true in mid-game but tends to be less relevant in the late game.
  • The Spirit Visage will give you the magical resistance you need to stand up to the mages. Against champions like Cassiopeia, Rumble, Karthus... use the Adaptive Helm.

Situational Items

  • Warmog's Armor remains a "master tool" for tanks and adapts to any situation.
  • If you need even more armor, Randuin's Omen or Frozen Heart will be your friends.
  • The Iceborn Gauntlet and Titanic Hydra are two good options if you want to splitpush and/or get more damage.
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate and Sterak's Gage will be there if you need to be in full focus during teamfights. They will make you almost immortal for several precious seconds.

How to play Sion

Sion is a tank with heavy controls as well as good damage and a good wave clear, making it both a good teamfights initiator and an excellent splitpusher with the Demolish rune.

  • Level 1: Q - Decimating Smash allows you to surprise your opponent in a bush at the beginning of the game and will help you clean waves easily if your opponent pushes too hard.
  • Level 2: W - Soul Furnace allows you to take damage when trading with your opponent and will protect you from poke when last hitting your minions.
  • Level 3: Use E - Roar of the Slayer to slow down your opponent, go and place a heavy Q - Decimating Smash and some basic attacks, while making the shield of W - Soul Furnace explode to inflict maximum damage.
  • Level 6: Now in possession of R - Unstoppable Onslaught, don't hesitate to go for a little tour in botlane to offer a double kill to your ADC, before going back up on your lane.



Tips & Tricks

  • You can cast W - Soul Furnace at any time, either when channeling Q - Decimating Smash or during R - Unstoppable Onslaught.
  • Controlling R - Unstoppable Onslaught is not easy. Plan your changes of direction in advance.
  • Any object created by a champion — such as Anivia's Crystallize or Jarvan IV's Cataclysm — stops the R - Unstoppable Onslaught.
  • You can push a minion using E - Roar of the Slayer, which is very useful to help an allied Lee Sin to move or to push away an opposing champion jumping on your own minion (e.g. Jax, Katarina, Lee Sin...).
  • Q - Decimating Smash is invisible to enemies if you are in a bush.
  • R - Unstoppable Onslaught inflicts damage to buildings.

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