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LoL Guide Yuumi, Support, S10

LoL Guide Yuumi, Support, S10

Yuumi Support League of Legends Season 10 Guide - Check out our tips, items and runes to play The Magical Cat.

LoL Guide Yuumi, Support, S10


League of Legends


Early game

  • You will start the game with Spellthief's Edge, since you will mainly have to poke en lane. Pair your item with 2 Health Potions.


  • Boots on Yuumi is not recommended: you will often be transported by your allies and they will be useless.
  • If you feel the need to buy some, prefer Sorcerer's Shoes for more damage or Boots of Lucidity to spam your spells.

Core items

  • Shard of True Ice will give you the sight wards, as well as power.
  • Take Athene's Unholy Grail in order to significantly increase your care, and to take advantage of CDR.
  • Ardent Censer will increase the DPS of the ally that you protect and will increase your care and shields.
  • In the same way, buy Redemption. You will be able to heal all your allies at the same time during team battles while dealing damage to enemies.

Situational Items

  • Mikael's Crucible is a very good item if the opposing team has big controls, allowing you to free an ally from those controls. Don't forget that if the ally you're on dies, you'll often follow him to the grave!
  • Shurelya's Reverie will allow you to catch up with enemies in trouble, especially during your final R - Final Chapter. If you prefer to slow down the enemies, then Twin Shadows may be a good alternative.
  • Rabadon's Deathcap and Mejai's Soulstealer are there if you want to increase your damage and your team is counting on you to deal it.

How to play Yummi

Yuumi's strength lies in her ability to be absolutely untouchable (except for the turrets) when attached to an ally. However, we must not forget that she is very fragile, and moving alone can be very dangerous for her.

  • Level 1: W - You and Me! is available without putting any points on it, you will take Q - Prowling Projectile to poke your opponents from level 1.
  • Level 2: E - Zoomies will allow you or your ally to heal yourself to hold on to the lane.



Tips & Tricks

  • Using Q - Prowling Projectile when attached to an ally allows you to guide the missile with the mouse.
  • W - You and Me! for the other has a cooldown if you get off your ally too soon, but you can switch from one ally to another without any cooldown.
  • While using R - Final Chapter, you can move around and use E - Zoomies and W - You and Me! for the other one.
  • From time to time, attacking a champion with a basic attack gives you a shield. Attach yourself to an ally to protect him with this shield. Generally, you will detach yourself from your ally, you will put in danger the time to attack a champion, and you will hang up on your ally to give him the benefit of your shield.
  • In the same way, E - Zoomies will heal your ally if you are attached to him.
  • Be careful: when you switch from one champion to another with W - You and Me! for the other, you can be targeted as if you were not attached to an ally.
  • Taking the aggression of the tower when you are attached to an ally can allow you to initiate an effective dive, since, as the enemies cannot touch you, you will be executed and will not give gold to the opponents.
  • WARNING: Yuumi doesn't need flash, being almost all the time attached to an ally. Exhaust and Ignite are to be taken if your ADC has a Heal: however, if he wants to play Ignite, Barrier or Teleport, take Heal instead of one of your two spells!

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