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All about Sova, Valorant Agent: Abilities & more

All about Sova, Valorant Agent: Abilities & more

Sova is an Agent in Valorant, Riot Games' new FPS (formerly known as Project A). Here is a brief character introduction, including skills and abilities.

All about Sova, Valorant Agent: Abilities & more

Sova tracks, finds, and eliminates enemies with ruthless efficiency and precision. His custom bow and incredible scouting abilities ensure that even if you run, you can't hide.


  • Shock Bolt → Fire an explosive bolt that emits a damaging pulse of static energy upon impact.
  • Owl Drone → Deploy a pilotable drone that can fire a dart that will Reveal enemies who are hit.

The drone is piloted by Sova. It can mark an enemy for its allies. The drone can be shot down — it has health points. It also has a bar indicating the time left for the drone to be used. Finally, you can see a third bar indicating the energy level of the drone, this one has been fully consumed but recharged very quickly after the drone has scored the target for its ally. It would seem that this energy bar also allows the drone to send a "shock bolt".

  • Signature Ability: Recon Bolt → Fire a bolt that deploys a sonar emitter. The sonar pings tag nearby enemies, causing them to be revealed. Can be destroyed.

This arrow has several features. Firstly, it has three levels of charges, which seem to indicate the power and range of fire. Second, it can be seen that the player can choose to bounce this arrow. Finally, once the Recon Bolt is fired and reaches the ground, it leaves a small device that can be destroyed before locating adjacent enemies.

  • Ultimate: Hunter’s Fury → Fire up to three deadly energy blasts that spear across the entire map. Each hit enemy takes heavy damage and is marked.


Sova is a Russian agent who's an archery expert. His weapon has the ability to reveal the position of enemies by a wall-hack system, or by shocking nearby opponents. One of his additional abilities allows him to deploy a reconnaissance drone to monitor the battlefield from the air. His ultimate capability allows him to launch a powerful volley of three deadly arrows through walls.

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We're learning more and more about Riot Games' new FPS as the days go by. The studio has now revealed the first eight Valorant characters and abilities they have — Phoenix, Sage, Jett, Cypher, Viper, Sova, Brimstone, and Omen.

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