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All about Cypher, Valorant Agent: Abilities & more

All about Cypher, Valorant Agent: Abilities & more

Cypher is one of Valorant — formerly known as Project A — agents for Riot Games' new FPS. Here is a brief introduction to the character, his skills and abilities. Cameras, traps, and monitoring devices, Cypher is a master of intelligence gathering.

All about Cypher, Valorant Agent: Abilities & more

In Valorant lore, Cypher is a surveillance expert who keeps an eye on the movements of his enemies. There are no secrets from him and no one is untraceable. Cypher is always observing and will most certainly have a supporting role, based on gathering information and defending areas.


  • Trapwire: Set steel wires between two walls. An alarm sounds when an enemy walks past the trap. If it is not destroyed, it stuns the enemy. You can retrieve it to move it.
  • Cyber Cage: A remote trap that locks on and slows down enemies passing by. Simply look at the trap and press USE to activate or remove it.
  • Spycam: Place a surveillance camera. After placing it, you can watch the feed from the camera. Left-click to plant a tracking dart on an enemy passing by the video device. It recharges when you retrieve it or if it is destroyed.
  • Neural Theft: Extract information from the corpse of an enemy to reveal the position of his living teammates.



Equipped with a spy camera that can be placed anywhere on the map, his opponents will have no secrets for him. His ultimate allows him to extort information on enemy corpses to temporarily reveal the location of the remaining characters of the opposing team.

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