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All about Phoenix, Valorant Agent: Abilities & more

All about Phoenix, Valorant Agent: Abilities & more

Phoenixis one of Valorant — formerly known as Project A — agents for Riot Games' new FPS. Here is a brief introduction to the character, his skills and abilities. Explosive fireballs, fire walls and phoenix ashes: he will do anything to postpone victory.

All about Phoenix, Valorant Agent: Abilities & more

In Valorant lore, Phoenix is an agent who uses the power of the legendary firebird. He can flash and prevent enemies from using various paths thanks to his fiery powers. Whether he has the ability to rise from the ashes or not, he will never hesitate to go into battle.


  • Hot Hands: Throws fireballs that explode after a slight delay or on impact with the map. The flaming area inflicts damage to the enemies and heals the caster.
  • Blaze: Summon a wall of fire that blocks vision and hurts anyone passing through it. The wall can also be bent when casting.
  • Curveball: Throw a flashbang that curves around corners.
  • Run it back: Marks your current location and starts a short timer. When the timer expires, or if you die, you respawn at the marked location with full health.



Phoenix is an aggressive agent who uses fire to take over the battlefield. His explosive fireballs inflict damage to enemies and heal him. Phoenix can deploy a wall of fire that blocks the vision of opponents like a flash grenade. His ultimate allows him to revive from his ashes if he's killed during its duration.

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We're learning more and more about Riot Games' new FPS as the days go by. The studio has now revealed the first eight Valorant characters and abilities they have — Phoenix, Sage, Jett, Cypher, Viper, Sova, Brimstone, and Omen.

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