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How to improve your aim in Valorant

How to improve your aim in Valorant

While tactics and strategy matter, one thing remains certain — aiming is key, just as in all shooters.

How to improve your aim in Valorant

Just like Counter-Strike, aiming in Valorant is extremely demanding. To eliminate your opponents, your aim needs to be more and more perfect as you're climbing the ranked ladder.

Obviously, the best way to improve is to practice in training mode — but having the will doesn't mean you have the means to do it properly.

First of all, you need to find the proper mouse sensibility, depending on your personal style. While some players prefer to have a really high sensibility to have the fastest reaction time possible, some others rather have a low sensibility to increase their accuracy. A good sensibility should allow you to be reactive enough while being able to easily aim the heads of your opponents.

In any case, a few days or weeks of training should be enough to adapt yourself to any sensibility change.


There is no miracle mode and the only real method is practicing. You can come up with several personal challenges that will give you a path to improve.

The sweep

In this configuration, you are in "training" mode to have all the targets in front of your eyes. Your objective is to move from one enemy to another as quickly as possible by targeting only the head. Do not favor speed over the result at the risk of being ineffective and especially tired much faster. The purpose of these workouts is to allow your brain and wrist to calibrate automatically. The muscle memory you are looking to acquire will come over time and over-concentrating could prove counterproductive. Put on some music, chat on discord with your friends, and automatically go from one head to the other, repeating the scan as many times as possible.

To go further: Force yourself to squat from time to time and take a few side steps between each target. You can also activate the movement option to have moving targets.


The wiper

In training mode, no more question of making small movements, you will systematically target the enemy to the left, then the one to the right, then again the one to the left etc. We will train this time the muscle memory over a longer distance and explosiveness will be more targeted than for the previous exercise. Do not worry if you often miss seeing your target very often at the start, it is a difficult exercise.

To go further: Accelerate the movement and alternate with a target in the center or two targets on the right before starting on the other side. In short, break the left / right linear aspect of the workout by diversifying it. As before, the introduction of moving targets will increase the difficulty.

The flick-shot

In this configuration, you make enemies appear with the skill test - at easy speed if you are in the Operator - and, aim at the center of the field by reacting to the appearance. After shooting, whether or not you have successfully shot, replace your sight in the center of the training area. It is also advisable to move back as far as possible to have all the training ground in your field of vision. This exercise leads to your explosiveness, even more, once again it will almost be like "unplugging the brain" by letting your instincts do it. In matches these shots will be frequent and you will always achieve them in a minimum period of time.

To go further: Equip yourself with a weapon other than the Operator, requiring a compulsory headshot to kill and no longer just a bullet in the body. If this difficulty is no longer sufficient, increase the speed of appearance.


The spray

Very different training this time concerning the spray which corresponds to the action of firing continuously with your weapon while controlling your recoil so that each bullet fired goes where your target is. Meet this time facing the training target. Make a first "full auto" by not moving your mouse and observe the "pattern" drawn by the impact of the balls. In the vast majority of cases, you will first see the balls rise, then shift to the left or right before generally gathering at a second point.

Your mission will then be to produce the reverse movement; if the bullets go up with hindsight your sight must gradually go down. If they then go to the left, your viewfinder will have to go to the right. Practice at different distances to reproduce the reverse path of the balls. Then try to maintain these balls as precisely as possible at the heart of the target and at the greatest possible distance.

To go further: once the different sprays are mastered, practice the "spray transfer" which corresponds to moving from one target to another in the same movement. For this you can start on the training dummy on the right before passing after ten balls in the center of the target.


Fix a point

Last workout that won't ask you to shoot; fix a point, move from left to right and make sure to keep your viewfinder on this point. If the exercise is really difficult, it may be a sign that your sensitivity is too high.

To go further: Attach an object like a wooden board to the wall and, as you move from left to right and back and forth, go around it with your pointer trying to be as precise as possible .

As a bonus, remember to keep the sight always up to the head of a potential enemy, to run only when necessary and to know the strategy of the different maps in particular.

Original content by Benoît "Tyler" Pinot.

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