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Valorant: Shroud thinks the game's not ready yet

Valorant: Shroud thinks the game's not ready yet

Is Valorant coming out of its closed beta too soon? At least that's what Shroud thinks, and he explains why Riot Games should have waited a little longer before officially launching its new game.

Valorant: Shroud thinks the game's not ready yet

While some are waiting for the release of Valorant as the messiah, others think that Riot Games should have waited a little longer before officially launching its latest game. This is notably what the famous streamer Shroud thinks, and when it comes to giving his opinion, the least we can say is that he does not beat around the bush:

"It is not ready. VALORANT is not ready. I don’t know what the fuck they think they’re doing. I think they’re just being pushed by Riot… I think Riot is pressuring these little dogs to get this title out, but they’re probably thinking 'fuck, were not ready, lets try our best.'"

For him Valorant still needs to remain in beta and be patched many times before it's really ready for a global launch. The latter could be chaotic due to this early release date. It must be said that hit registration issues or FPS drops in a punishing shooter like this one are unforgiving...

He even adds that some features are missing from the game but that it's quite possible to solve these problems before the official release scheduled for June 2. Maybe the four-day shutdown will help to put things back in order. Either way, there are only a few days left to wait and see what Riot Games has in store for the launch of Valorant!

Valorant will be unavailable for four days

Remember the date of June 2 as it's the official launch day of Valorant, Riot Games' FPS. It will need to be taken out of its closed beta and the game will be unavailable for four days from May 28.

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